Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 14

The Icarus Factor

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1989 on CBS

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  • Blech - a weak, disjointed and meandering soap opera that isn't even enlivened by a cameo from the Power Rangers

    I'm all for character drama, in fact I think it's the lifeblood of any TV show. But this is just the pits. 'The Icarus Factor' is a snooze-fest of the first degree: a poorly conceived, disjointed hour of overwrought melodrama that left me with a big 'So WHAT?'. The Riker family dynamic simply doesn't work, perhaps because Riker himself doesnt come across as entirely sympathetic - in fact, I was utterly sick of seeing him skulking around the ship with a massive pout. Jonathan Frakes was never the show's best actor and here it is to the sharp detriment of the episode.

    I didn't quite buy the Kyle/Pulaski relationship (talk about a small universe, huh?), although one of the few scenes I did like was where Troi and Pulaski compared notes on their Rikers. The rest of it was just the pits: I didn't much care for Kyle Riker and I kind of wished his son would stop deliberating and just take that job on the Aries, just so I wouldnt have to put up with any more pouting and whining.

    The scene where father and son do 'battle' is hilarious for all the wrong reasons: the suits they wear make them look like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (only much cheesier, if that's possible). The Worf subplot is marginally more palatable, but even that isn't enough to prop up this sagging mess of a second-rate soap opera.