Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 14

The Icarus Factor

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1989 on CBS

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  • Among the weakest of the 2nd season.

    This is one of the earliest TNG episodes to deal with crewmembers' families -- and not surprisingly, because these families provide some of the best insight into the characters themselves. Family played an important role in some of TNG's best episodes ("Family", "Brothers", "The Inner Light", "Sins of the Father") and some bad ones two (most episodes involving Momma Troi or Worf's son).

    This one fits comfortably in the "bad" category, and is among the weakest episodes of the 2nd season - the only one that obviously trumps it is "Shades of Grey". "Outrageous Okona" was bad, but there were enough sequences with Whoopi Goldberg and Brent Spiner to make it worthwhile.

    The conflict between Rikers Sr. and Jr. is completely uninteresting; it's not helped by the wooden acting or mediocre script.

    Worf's plotline is only marginally more interesting. Wesley-haters will find plenty to dislike here, as Wil Wheaton gives plenty of that "gee whiz" annoying attitude.

    If I had to pick one semi-redeeming feature, O'Brien's wisecracks make parts of the episode more bearable.