Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 25

The Inner Light

Aired Unknown Jun 01, 1992 on CBS

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  • One of TV's finest moment. StarTrek TNG has never been better. A lifetime in a moment. Heartbreaking and touching.

    One of TV's finest moment. StarTrek TNG has never been better. A lifetime in a moment.

    A strange flying object in space is found. An unidentified radiation penetrates the shields, and captain Picard drops down in a heavy sleep.

    When he wakes up, he is somewhere else. A distant planet of which he never heard. He has a wife, who he doesn't know. He knows only one thing, the life onboard the Enterprise. Struggling to find his path in the new world makes time go by. He soon accepts his destiny and becomes one in the community. His loving wife cares for him, and together with his friends he lives on, with a flute in his hand.

    Time goes by even more. Soon he becomes a father to a lovely daughter, who loves and respects his father and follows his steps and a son who is as stubbern as Picard himself. Picard also finds many hobbies to fill up his life, one of them which reveals terrible news. The planet is dying.
    Picard insists on that the leaders of the world should take measures to prevent meaningless death. One day, when playing with his grandson, Picard is taken out to watch a missile launch, containing the strange flying object.

    The truth is explained to him. What better way to tell about your people than to let someone experience a lifetime with you, in just a few minutes. One of the most touching and smart episodes of TV ever. Makes you think of the possibilities in the future, and also the emptyness that leaves you behind. The thought of living pass all your friends and family. The survivor.

    Only one thing is true with this episode. And that is the power within neverending Love.
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