Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 25

The Inner Light

Aired Unknown Jun 01, 1992 on CBS

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  • A Must See

    Named after a Beatles B side, this is without a doubt one of the greatest Star Trek episodes of all time and perhaps the pinnacle of the franchise on television. The episode has no villains, no conflict, no shocking plot twist, and no technobabble; just Picard in a "Quantum Leap" style plot learning to play a flute and adapting to an adopted culture. Stewart (with the guest stars, all engaging in their own right, serving as his supporting cast) plays Picard's gradual acceptance and appreciation for the new situation so powerfully that we as viewers can't help but develop the same feelings as the Captain, leaving us as moved and transformed as Picard himself by the end. Truly a must see for everyone, Star Trek fan or not, this episode should have won Patrick Stewart an Emmy. (It did win the 1993 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, ending a dry spell for the franchise that went back to 1968. It was the third of four Star Trek episodes to win the award.)
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