Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 22

The Most Toys

Aired Unknown May 07, 1990 on CBS

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  • Little creepy guy knows how to steal, connive, and deceive. Par for the course when he goes for the biggest treasure yet: Commander Data.

    This is a wonderful story, featuring a galactic trader who loves to collect rare or unique treasures. He wants to collect Data as his latest, and biggest prize.

    He succeeds, leaving virtually no obvious clues to suggest Data was kidnapped rather than destroyed -- but whose comeuppance was being too clumsy in setting up the environmental trap. So Geordi and Picard figure it out.

    Another wonderful, well acted piece, the highlights include three scenes:
    * Data not cooperating with Fajo
    * Data attempting to imitate the Mona Lisa
    * Data transported to the Enterprise at the end, having just pressed home the switch on a confiscated cell disruptor weapon

    For latter-end season 3, before the terrific season finale, this one is a diamond in the rough.
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