Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 22

The Most Toys

Aired Unknown May 07, 1990 on CBS

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  • A seemingly silly episode turns dark and shows glimmers of death.

    Saul Rubinek's villain in "The Most Toys" is so clownish that we don't immediately realize how demented and evil he is. But that's just one element which makes this episode a lot deeper then it seems at first.

    Brent Spiner and the writers should take most of the credit. Spiner gives a fine, somewhat stoic performance as Data. And the writers, while seriously ignoring aspects of Data's character (kill another person in a calculated manner? Lie?), nevertheless do it in such a manner that boosts the episode. The psychological battle between the villain and his captive is terrific.

    And of course... One can't forget Data and the Mona Lisa.