Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 3

The Naked Now

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1987 on CBS

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  • Why, oh why?....

    Why the Star Trek: The Next Generation producers and writers could not have tried to separate the new Star Trek show from the original is beyond confusing. Instead of allowing The Next Generation crew to embark on their own unique journeys for their first few episodes, the producers/writers decided to remake the original Star Trek series episode "The Naked Time" by Next Generation episode number two. Of all the original episodes to remake too! "The Naked Time" is not even a great original Star Trek series episode to begin with!

    So the basic premise is that many members of The Next Generation Enterprise crew contract a mutated form of the disease that the original Enterprise crew encountered. Depending on the individual, the disease makes a person angry, overly silly, or extremely horny.

    This episode is remembered only because Data and Tasha Yar have a roll in the hay together. "The Naked Now" is not a great or even particularly good episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. For one thing, the acting is all over the place. It is not surprising that the cast would need time to really polish their performances but the drop in quality between this and the first episode "Encounter At Farpoint" is ridiculous. Also, there are just too many scenes that are impossible to take seriously - or funny. This is either because of the poor writing or the poor acting - probably both.

    As bad as the episode is overall, it manages to hold onto some dignity: LaVar Burton makes a very good showing as Geordi (one of the few worthwhile performances of the episode) and the audience is treated to a nice tense ending. Still, "The Naked Now" is not a great piece of The Next Generation series and does not begin to hold a candle to the original Star Trek episode "The Naked Time."
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