Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 24

The Next Phase

Aired Unknown May 18, 1992 on CBS

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  • The “Enterprise” answers a distress call from a Romulan science vessel. Picard sends a away team to Romulan ship. Due to an explosion some of the Romulan ship crew have vanished along with the Romulan Captain.

    The “Enterprise” answers a distress call from a Romulan science vessel. Picard sends a away team to Romulan ship. Due to an explosion some of the Romulan ship crew have vanished along with the Romulan Captain. Geordi find that one of the ship’s generators has failed. Romulan replicators are down as well. So Geordi and Ro attempt to beam aboard the “Enterprise” with the faulty replicator. During the beaming process Geordi and Ro transporter patterns are lost. They do materialize, but no one can see them. So they might as well be dead. No one can hear them either.
  • Jordi and Ro phase out of reality!

    Loved this episode. Jordi and Ro become ghosts as the Romulan test device blows a gasket! Now stuck in another phase of reality the plot resolves around their struggle to become noticed by the rest of the crew who believe they are dead!

    A great start clearly setups the episode for a great story. The middle act is well thought out and presented as we see the duo struggle to establish contact, first believing they are dead and then discovering they are not. The intrigue and exploration provides the avenue to find a solution to alert the crew that they are still alive. This need becomes rather pressing when we discover that Romulans are planning to repay the Enterprise by destroying her in an act of Romulan betrayal.

    This need rises further when another Romulan is shown to be in the same predicament. Trailing them, he goes aboard the Enterprise to stop their attempts to alert the crew. This part of the middle act cranks up the excitement and suspense level nicely as we worry whether they will warn the crew in time. Their final battle ends quite spectaularly. Worth the watch on its own.

    The final act starts as the Romulans leave the Enterprise boobytrapped when they go to warp. Will Ro and Jordi be able to warn the Enterprise as Data bumbles about unable to work out the clues being left by the pair? Or will the Enterprise go up in smoke and Jordi and Ro be left to eternal torment?!!!!!
  • Probably the best Ensign Ro episode.

    Geordi is a character that continues to grow on me. His optimism and intelligence definitely come into play here, when he counteracts Ro's assertion that they're dead by coming up with a more rational explanation.

    The best parts of this episode to me are the scenes where Ro and Geordi eavesdrop on other characters talking about them. I'd still like to hear what Riker would've said. "Sorry for sleeping with you when we lost our memories," LOL. And the way Data talked about Geordi was very endearing.

    Speaking of Data, he really cracked me up this episode. I like when he's using that anion device to sweep away the Chronatoms, and Geordi keeps walking back and forth intentionally, to create more fields for Data to clean. Data furrows his brow each time and "vacuums" away the chronatoms. Haha. Also love how Geordi at the end is like "come on Data, figure it out..." while he is discussing what could be wrong.

    Good one. TNG is on a hot streak.
  • A well-done, exciting episode that exploits an unlikely chemistry between Levar Burton and Michelle Forbes.

    As another reviewer points out, the writers had rarely coupled Ro with Geordi, and so the excellent chemistry they develop in this episode is a very pleasant surprise. Their very different personalities complement each other nicely.

    The story itself provides plenty of fun, as one would expect from a story of Romulan treachery. Michelle Forbes gives her one of her best performances in the series. The chase with the Romulan is an exciting (and occasionally amusing) sequence. Ro's curiosity about Riker's intended eulogy, and Geordi's attempt to get Data's attention in engineering, are both great. And of course - the celebratory funeral is perfectly fitting.
  • When La Forge and Ro are lost in a transporter accident, the crew mourn. Little do they know, the duo has been knocked out of phase, unable to be seen, heard, or felt by anyone. And only they know of a Romulan plot to destroy the Enterprise...

    A very enjoyable, if somewhat silly episode. I only say it's silly because it, as usual, suffers from every other "out of phase" story ever told in science fiction. The first one that probably comes to mind is, if they pass through regular matter, why can they walk on the floor? And that's just the first of many. If you can suspend your disbelief, however, it's a fun one to watch. It's nice to see Ro come to terms with being "dead" and learning a little humility, as La Forge later puts it. It's also quite telling to see how the crew reacts to their beliefs that their two fellow crewmates and friends are dead. Each individual has a different reaction and each suits the character well. Especially of note is the conversation between Data and Worf in the shuttle as they invisible Ro and Geordi listen in. It's also a bit entertaining to be in the same position as Ro in regards to just what it was Riker would have said about her. If I were to speculate, I would guess that it might have something to do with the events of "Conundrum". One wonders where their relationship might have gone had Michelle Forbes been on the show more often in the later years. Finally, I have to comment on the unique team-up we were able to see with this episode. Ro's had some extensive scenes with Picard, Riker, and Troi in the past. However, other than Geordi's critical comments about her in Ro's first episode and a brief scene in "Power Play", there hasn't been much interaction between the two characters. It's fun to see that here as they work together and while it doesn't get the depth that she displays with Picard and Riker, it still works well, which is actually a pretty good description for the episode itself.
  • "Are you saying I'm some sort of blind ghost with clothes?

    The Geordi/Ro episode features a fun concept that moves along well and is nicely paid off. Originally written as a money saving bottle show (but actually costing more money than usual because of time consuming blue screen work), the story is nonetheless never dull. The opening has a great hook, each act is interesting in its own right (due in part to the unexpected chemistry that the optimistic Geordi and the cynical Ro have together), and the conclusion is exciting and satisfying. That said, the premise does take the silly (but necessary) liberty of having our characters be able to walk through walls while simultaneously being able to walk on floors. There's no technobabble explanation for this, as writers probably thought it better not to draw attention to the fact. Of course, when the characters live in a universe where nearly everyone speaks English and artificial gravity hardly ever fails, even when a ship take a pounding, having solid floors for incorporeal states probably doesn't seem too unusual.
  • Romulans are pure evil

    If this episode does not make everyone hate the Romulans then I'm not sure what could. After helping them survive a near disaster the Romulans try to kill everyone on the Enterprise. Families and all. What kind of species does that? Obviously the Romulans have no redeeming side to them. But why do they always keep bringing up the cloaking device and how come Klingons and Romulans have it but the idiots at Starfleet can't figure it out!?
  • Hate filler episodes.

    Why didn't they just kick someone? -since their magic shoes seems to keep them falling though the floor.
  • Fun and entertaining.

    Enjoyable. Others pointed out the flaws (walking on floors). Was trying to find out who the insanely hot female is at 32:26 in the mirror. Wow. LOL.