Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 24

The Next Phase

Aired Unknown May 18, 1992 on CBS

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  • "Are you saying I'm some sort of blind ghost with clothes?

    The Geordi/Ro episode features a fun concept that moves along well and is nicely paid off. Originally written as a money saving bottle show (but actually costing more money than usual because of time consuming blue screen work), the story is nonetheless never dull. The opening has a great hook, each act is interesting in its own right (due in part to the unexpected chemistry that the optimistic Geordi and the cynical Ro have together), and the conclusion is exciting and satisfying. That said, the premise does take the silly (but necessary) liberty of having our characters be able to walk through walls while simultaneously being able to walk on floors. There's no technobabble explanation for this, as writers probably thought it better not to draw attention to the fact. Of course, when the characters live in a universe where nearly everyone speaks English and artificial gravity hardly ever fails, even when a ship take a pounding, having solid floors for incorporeal states probably doesn't seem too unusual.