Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 24

The Next Phase

Aired Unknown May 18, 1992 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Ro and Geordi are talking at the end, just after Ro says, "Now I don't know what to believe," an insect flies in from behind her right side and flies out of view on the left side of the screen. It then reenters the screen and circles in front of Ro before the shot changes.

    • When the phased Romulan gets off the chair, it rocks back and forth.

    • The large instrument being played by the band at Geordi & Ro's funeral is an Euphonium, yet the music we hear has a Tuba playing as the low instrument, not an Euphonium. Euphoniums are rarely used in an ensemble like that one.

    • The Romulan manning the manual control to eject the warp corp says "Five seconds until warp core implosion". Riker waits roughly two seconds before telling him to eject it. It's well over ten seconds before he tells the Enterprise to extend their shields.

    • Once alerted that the warp core on the Romulan ship may implode, Picard orders the officer at the conn to move away from the ship and prepare to go to Warp 1 at any sign of an implosion. Yet Riker casually says the Enterprise can extend her shields to protect both ships from the ejected core's implosion, and then they actually do so. If the Enterprise's shields can withstand a warp core implosion at close range, while extended greatly (the ship moved further away from the Romulan ship), why'd Picard bother with this command?

    • After Worf and the Romulan activate the manual controls for ejecting the warp core, they try to remove a large piece of rubble from the doorway so it can be shut. The two of them together can't budge it a bit. Yet when Riker comes over to help, he lifts up the bottom end (which is larger) on his own. Since when is Riker so much stronger than Worf?

    • Despite having just beamed on the ship minutes ago, Worf knows exactly where to find one of the two manual controls for ejecting the warp core of the Romulan ship.

    • Geordi and Ro can pass through consoles and bulkheads, yet when Ro is on the bridge, she clearly touches the Conn console and when we first discover that the Romulan is phased, he is sitting in a chair.

    • Why do the "out of phase" people reflect in the glass partitions in Engineering? You can see both Geordi and Ro reflected there when they meet up for the first time since the accident. You later see Ro when she runs through a woman in front of a mirror, reflected in the mirror.

    • Geordi, Ro, and a Romulan operative are all "out of phase" meaning they can pass through walls and people. However, they don't pass through the floor, and can breathe. However, it's not clear whether the ship's gravity generators and oxygen can present into the phased "dimension."

  • Quotes

    • Geordi: What's eating you?
      Ro Laren: (hesitates) I was raised with Bajoran beliefs, including the Pagh'ra's, the belief in our immortal spirits. But when I grew up, I dismissed them all as nonsense. Now, even though what happened to us turned out to be completely scientific, I still thought about how wrong I was to just turn my back on everything I was taught. How could I have been so arrogant? Now I don't know what to believe.
      Geordi: Well... maybe we should build our own interphase device. If it can teach Ro Laren humility, it can do anything.

    • Geordi: But... my uniform... my VISOR. Are you saying I'm some sort of blind ghost with clothes?
      Ro: I don't have all the answers! I've never been dead before!

  • Notes

    • Susannah Thompson went on to several appearances in both DS9 and Voyager, most notably as one of two actresses to play the Borg Queen, starting with the Voyager two-parter, "Dark Frontier."

    • Ken "aka" Kenneth Marshall later played Michael Eddington, Captain Sisko's rival on DS9.

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