Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 16

The Offspring

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1990 on CBS

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  • Definitely a contridictory episode

    @powerdog5000 in season 2 episode 9 the issue that seems to come up here was supposed to have been solved or at least I thought it was. Once more I draw on the Trivia and quotes of this very episode first "In "Measure Of A Man," it is established that Data has the right to make his own decisions as much as any other sentient being. If this is the case, and Lal is the same form of life as Data, where in the world does the Admiral get the idea that he can dictate what Lal does?" but this just begins to put the point that starfleet seems OK WITH ignoring it's own regulations when it suits it purposes. To me this says something very frightening first that the has been established HOWEVER it is APPLIED on a case by case this right?aren't ALL of the species of android entitled to be protected under this law?but even more so something else that scares me is the rule of law so flexible? as Phillpa Louvois said We have rule of law in this Federation. You ca not simply seize people and experiment with them to prove your pet theories. Admiral Haftel's theory is that he and the staff of Galor Four can raise Lal BETTER than her with this Law and Starfleet not being an organization HOPEFULLY that doesn't ignore regulations on a regular basis even though here it seems to so there are some very very very dark undertones to this episode. Attitudes and prejudices should NOT override the if they do then as i have said the undertones of this episode are very very YES A CONTRADICTORY episode.
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