Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 4

The Outrageous Okona

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1988 on CBS

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  • horrible

    this episode is like watching paint dry
  • The substance of the episode is bad-to-terrible, but there is some nice chemistry between Brent Spiner and Whoopi Goldberg.

    The substance of this episode is pretty weak -- a lightweight and uninteresting plot that was unfortunately all-too-common in TNG's first two seasons, the extremely overdone "Pinocchio trying be human" theme that the writers repeatedly forced on Data, and an excruciatingly awful turn by Joe Piscopo as "The Comic." To top it off the writers yet again decide to dredge out some preachy commentary about 20th century Earth.

    That said, the scenes involving both Data and Guinan had a certain chemistry that is fun to watch. Brent Spiner is talented enough that Data's horrible delivery of corny jokes actually comes off as funny; Whoopi Goldberg, despite being severely underutilized at this point in the series, exudes enough charisma that it doesn't really matter.
  • Teri Hatchers distracts us from Capt. Okona

    This episode really doesnt add much to the growth of the show. Its purely a diversion with a non-descript story of abitration forced onto Picard.

    Frankly the only + point of the entire episode is the Okana character who gets up to mischief and poses problems for the crew when two arguing factions demand he is turned over to them!

    The cause of the argument is quite innocuous. The not so chivalrous Okana has knocked up the girl of an important family. While the other party accuses him of the theft of a valuable gem. This episode is very slow paced and doesnt really break a sweat even in what is a good attempt at a finale, at least for his storyline.

    You will only be entertained here if you really like the character of Okana and its ashame they never used him in a more dramatic episode. As it is, this showing fails to live up to any expectation.

    Worth amiss unless you like loveable rogues and want to see Teri Hatchers first outing on ST! :D
  • What is this, season one?....

    Where do I begin? "The Outrageous Okona" is not the same as the absolute worst of Star Trek: TNG's weak first season but it is close. So the Enterprise runs into a damaged cargo ship with one Captain Okona needing some repairs and helps him out. Okona (played by Bill Campbell (but credited as William O. Campbell), an actor you see pop up every once and a while and who lost out to Jonathan Frakes for the part of Riker) is very, well, outrageous - making an impression on the crew, being buddy-buddy with the dudes and putting the moves on as many women as he can. BUT WAIT! Two ships confront the Enterprise and demand that Okona be handed over to them which, naturally, causes a dilemma for Picard & co. All this time, Data is trying to learn how to be funny.

    Holy mad cows is this episode bad. "The Outrageous Okona" is similar to the equally bad season one episode "Haven" in that it has a boring romance story, none of the supposed "comedy" is funny, and Data is basically the only good thing about the episode. Luckily, "The Outrageous Okona" does not feature Lwaxana Troi like "Haven" does!

    One of the biggest problems with this episode is the featured acting. The regular cast is solid of course (with Brent Spiner and Whoopi Goldberg standing out) but all of the guest actors are pathetic embarrassments and special guest star Bill Campbell gives a performance that is the pinnacle of annoying (and that is not just because he beds Teri Hatcher and a handful of other women before the episode is even half-way over). Campbell just annoys me all around (thankfully Frakes won the role of Riker or we would have had 7 seasons and 4 films of this guy!) - no matter what I seem him in, whether it is the awful "Enough" or the otherwise great "The Rocketeer," Campbell bugs me. Things are no different here for me in Campbell's guest spot on TNG: Campbell is neither funny nor compelling in any way.

    As bad as Campbell and the rest of the guest actors are in this episode, the biggest problem is that none of attempts at humor, of which there is a lot of, is funny - none of the jokes are even funny on paper and everyone outside of Data who tries to be funny absolutely bomb. Data's attempt to be funny produces a few chuckles but not only is Campbell not funny in the least but Joe Piscopo's guest role as a holographic comic trying to teach Data comedy is painfully bad and extremely unfunny. At least Spiner and Goldberg share a couple of nice scenes together, otherwise I would have absolutely nothing nice to say about "The Outrageous Okona."
  • I give it points because it's the first episode of Seinfeld.

    Most of this episode was pretty annoying. Joe Piscopo was painful to watch, Bill Campbell's character Okona would have been better cast on "Firefly," and Wesley's admiration for this rebellious caricature was sickening, but it got better towards the end. Not to say it was a good episode by any means, but the ending was fairly creative. More importantly though was the fact that this episode had three guest starts who later appeared on "Seinfeld." Terri Hatcher and Kieran Mulroney both made guest apperances in "The Implant", Terri as Sidra and Kieran as Timmy. (the guy who double-dipped the chip) Then there was Rosalind Allen, who would later appear on Seinfeld as Diane in "The Marine Biologist." I think a Seinfeld fan can appreciate this episode more than a Star Trek fan.
  • When the Enterprise assists a freighter, Captain Picard and his crew soon find themselves embroiled in an interplanetary conflict.

    This episode will never rank among Trek's all-time classics, but it's not a bad second season bottle show. The A story is a harmless, somewhat comedic, story that notably stars William O. Campbell and includes future star Terri Hatcher. The B story, teaming up Brent Spiner and Whoopie Goldberg (and guest starring Joe Piscopo) steals the show and lays the groundwork for the affable Vic Fontaine of Deep Space Nine. Unfortunately, the shooting (by director Robert Becker) was done in a very basic way, dragging the episode down. (Becker would not be asked to return.) All in all, "The Outrageous Okona" is a filler episode told flatly that nonetheless features some funny moments.
  • Badly written, badly acted, painfully unfunny. Just yuk.

    This is an episode that takes a guest character and puts all the attention squarely on him, a disservice to the main cast and doubly risky because the entire episode lives or dies on the effectiveness and performance of said guest character. Unfortunately, it all falls horribly, horribly flat.

    'Lovable rogue' Okona is just a tedious cad and although guest star William Campbell has the looks, he certainly doesnt have the charm to pull this off. Perhaps I shouldnt lay the blame squarely in his court, because he has to contend with an absolutely lousy script. I don't know what the writers were aiming for here, but the 'climatic' scenes in which the whole shenanigan is resolved is just embarrassing to watch. We just didnt care about these tedious, one-dimensional people one little bit and frankly it was a struggle to keep watching at all.

    The subplot in which Data tries to master humour is a similar stinker, simply because it's not only excruciatingly unfunny (the scene where the 'comic' does his routine is just cringe-worthy) but completely annoying to boot.

    And Guinan's "you're an 'oid" joke...was that REALLY meant to be funny?? Sheesh.
  • The “Enterprise” traveling through the Omega Sagitta system. Comes across a disabled cargo ship with only one occupant , Capt. Okana. Okana is beamed aboard and his amazed by the beauty of the women on the "enterprise" Okana is a humrous guy. Data is una

    The “Enterprise” traveling through the Omega Sagitta system. Comes across a disabled cargo ship with only one occupant , Capt. Okana. Okana is beamed aboard and his amazed by the beauty of the women on the "enterprise" Okana is a humrous guy . Data is unable to understand Okana’s humor asked guinan for help. Guinan suggests Data try and see what a audience will laugh at. So Data goes to the holodeck and tries learning comedy from a stand-up comedian. Two ships draw their weapons demanding Okana be handed over to them. I rate this one a 4.8
  • The Love Boat: The Next Generation - My Baby's Daddy is Data!

    Okay, kidding about Data being the daddy. He won't be till season 3. ;)


    While traveling through the Omega Sagitta system, the crew finds a disabled cargo ship with only one person there, Captain Okona: International Space Pirate of the Next Generation!

    Picard offers helping Okona repair his ship and beams him onboard. Okona has a good time making everyone laugh, womanize Lois Lane and then tells a bunch of jokes Data doesn’t get, having Data analyze what is funny.

    So he first goes to Whoopi and asks her what a joke is, she tries to tell him a bit but that doesn’t help. He runs to the holodeck to learn what is funny by a programmed comic with mullet…

    Should I type that down again? Here we have Data asking for help from Whoopi who is probably 600 hundred years old, went through almost maybe more than ten generations, yet he thinks after failing to understand from her, a holodeck program might help better?! I thought he was an android. If he wants to learn humor, he can learn it from a real person, especially at 600, instead of a holographic program with bad hair.

    Heck I’m proven right by Whoopi not getting Data’s joke he learned from a holographic program! Oh well he almost saves the day by saying “Goodbye, Data” and so he goes on and tries to bring more jokes, making another one of those Data moments we all loved since “Snoop?”

    So Captain Okona is being chased by a father who claims that his precious jewelry were stolen from Okona, and another father who is after Okona for suppose ably impregnating his daughter.

    Captain Picard then beams the fathers, the son, and the daughter and so there is an argument with Okona in the room and in the end the kids step out and say that they did all that. The boy stole the jewel to give to the girl and the girl is having the boy’s baby. Okona was just the messenger for the two who were separated most of the time. And then we have a total “Oh I’m sorry, haha!” moment and I swear the first thing that popped in my mind was the SNL skit with Patrick Stewart playing the captain of a passenger boat with a small Enterprise model on the side. It just seemed cheesy and Love Boat style.

    I’m going to recommend this episode because of Data on his quest of analyzing humor and Okona hitting on the desperate housewife we all know, Lois Lane. Just for the sake of fun, because after all this is a laid back episode, not too serious kind of stuff so I forgive the inconsistencies.

    Silly. Average. 3 of 5. (6.0 on