Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 12

The Pegasus

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1994 on CBS

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  • Riker's old captain shows up to bring back ghosts from the past... Wackiness Ensues!

    I watched this episode for two reasons 1.) Being a fan of Carnivale and Battlestar Galactica's remake, I wanted to see some more of Ronald Moore's writing... and 2.) I thought it would be funny seeing Locke from Lost in a Star Fleet Uniform...

    And they both paid off!!! Moore's darker, more militaristic style is shown in this episode full of tense moral questions involving the chain of command (something that' brought up in BSG quite a bit)... Should Riker obey the orders of a superior officer, even if he morally objects to the decision? or should he disregard the Admiral's orders and bring all the old skeletons to light? exactlly the type of tension i expect from Moore's writing...

    and also Locke with more, darker hair in a tight star-fleet uniform made me laugh for about 10 min straight! I kept expecting the giant smoke monster to show up and teach those Romulans what's up! But then again, it only attacks guys named Eko and CGI trees...
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