Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 12

The Pegasus

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1994 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At time index 10:04 some woman walks behind Riker's head. Ten seconds later you see a short close-up of Will, and the same woman walks behind him in the same place in the same direction. Conclusion: it's the same shot.

    • Riker tells Pressman that he decided to start growing a beard four years ago. It's closer to six years ago.

    • Riker says there was a massive explosion in the Engineering section of the Pegasus, but when they beam in to that area there's no damage.

    • Picard tells Pressman he'll abort their trip into the asteroid if the tunnel narrows to 500 meters - however, according to various official technical specs the saucer section is 560 meters wide.

  • Quotes

    • Admiral Blackwell: Captain Picard Day?
      Picard: Oh... ehm... Yes. It's for the children. I'm... ehm.. I'm a role model. (laughing)
      Admiral Blackwell: (dead serious) I'm sure you are. Starfleet out.

    • Riker: So, who won the contest?
      Picard: Oh, Paul Manague, a 7-year-old. He did a most interesting clay sculpture of my head.
      Riker: Was that the orange one? With the lumpy skin?
      Picard: (dead-serious) Yes. Oh, you'll be interested to know that I've arranged for a Commander Riker Day next month. I'm even considering making an entry myself.

    • Riker: (holding a Picard doll and in a Picard-like voice), I don't know, the resemblance is rather striking, don't you agree Number One?
      Picard: Isn't there something else that you have to do?
      Riker: (in a Picard-like voice) I'll be on the bridge.

    • Picard: I was going over Will's file when I was looking for my first officer, and his was very much like all the others. I was about to put it aside and move on to another file, when something caught my eye. Apparently, there was an incident on Altear III when Will was first officer of the Hood. He refused to let Captain Desotto beam down during a crisis. He disobeyed a direct order, and he risked a general court martial because he thought he was right. Now when I read that, I knew I had found my number one.
      Pressman: You wanted someone with a history of disobedience?
      Picard: I wanted someone who would stand up to me. Someone who was more concerned with the safety of the ship and accomplishing the mission than how it might look on his record.

    • Admiral Pressman: I'm sure it hasn't been easy for you, keeping your Captain and friends in the dark like this.
      Commander Riker: I haven't enjoyed it, if that's what you mean.

    • Admiral Pressman: These people tried to shut down an experiment they didn't understand. Something went wrong and it killed them.
      Riker: No. We killed them.
      Admiral Pressman: Now that doesn't sound like the same man who grabbed a phaser and defended his captain twelve years ago.
      Riker: I've had twelve years to think about it, and if I had it to do over again, I would've grabbed the phaser and pointed it at you instead of them.
      Admiral Pressman: So, on reflection, you'd rather be a traitor than a hero.
      Riker: I wasn't a hero, and neither were you. What you did was wrong, and I was wrong to support it, but I was too young and too stupid to realize it.

    • Riker: There's a piece of equipment in Admiral Pressman's room under guard that might get us out of here. It's a prototype for Federation cloaking device.
      Pressman: You just ended your career, Will.
      Picard: That's what it's about. A cloaking device. In the treaty of Algeron, the Federation specifically agreed not to develop cloaking technology.
      Pressman: And that treaty is the biggest mistake we ever made. It's kept us from exploiting a vital area of defense.
      Picard: That treaty has kept us at peace for sixty years! And as a Starfleet officer, you're supposed to uphold it.

  • Notes

    • The name Pegasus for the lost ship is a reference to the "lost ship" on the original Battlestar Galactica. Writer Ronald D. Moore went on to make a new version of Battlestar Galactica and included a ship called Pegasus in it.

    • The shot of the Enterprise and other Excelsior-Class ship recycled from "The Best Of Both Worlds (1)".

    • This episode attempts to lay to rest the recurring questions about why the Federation never developed cloaking technology of its own. The episode states that this was the result of a treaty perhaps similar to the ABM treaty in which the United States and the Soviet Union agreed not to develop defenses against each other's ICBMs.

    • The finale of Star Trek: Enterprise, "These Are the Voyages...", is derived from this episode. In it, Riker visits the holodeck in-between scenes occurring in this episode as he attempts to resolve his inner conflicts over Pressman's orders.

    • The Pegasus was supposed to be an Ambassador class starship, but the budget would not allow it. Thus the Grissom model was used.

  • Allusions

    • Ship name: Hood
      The Hood (the ship Riker served on before) shares its name with a British battleship that served in World War II. The Hood was destroyed by the German ship Bismark.

    • Title, ship name Pegasus
      The vessel was named for Greek mythology's famous winged horse who is supposed to have sprung from the severed neck of Medusa.