Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 21

The Perfect Mate

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1992 on CBS

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  • A tragic, heart-wrenching ending. (Spoiler alert!)

    In this incredibly well-written, emotional episode, the Enterprise has been chosen to host a peace treaty between two races at war with each other. Part of the peace offering is a beautiful woman named Kamala, an empathic metamorph whose existence is based solely on pleasing men. After being released from stasis early thanks to a mischievous Ferengi, Kamala roams the ship, attracted to every man she meets. She seems to have no identity of her own, but as her relationship with Picard grows we begin to realize along with her that she IS her own person to an extent. She has just never been allowed to be. Still, it's not a very great extent. What seems like genuine love and admiration for Picard may just be her natural metamorph ways. We never know for sure. In the tragic ending, Kamala reveals that she has "bonded" with Picard. She was scheduled to be released from her state of stasis in time to bond with the ambassador to whom she has been promised, but because of her early release she has bonded early. Now she is doomed to be everything she took from Picard... Strong-willed, adventurous, and Shakespeare-loving. Appallingly, she must still spend the rest of her life with a man she can never love, all for the sake of peace between two peoples. Her inheritance of Picard's priorities is what makes her willing to sacrifice what she truly wants for the greater good, however one must assume that if she has become just like Picard, she can't possibly be happy as a prisoner. The fact that she is still an empath and will still be able to please her mate is of little comfort to the viewer, nor to Picard.