Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 8

The Price

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1989 on CBS

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  • Troi's new boyfriend isn't all he seems. Not that she's that picky.


    Just as "Q Who?" toys with an idea that would later be developed into Voyager's pilot episode, "The Price" flirts with a concept that would return in the pilot of Deep Space Nine and be developed further in that series. Unfortunately, unlike "Q Who?", "The Price" doesn't quite click. The A story deals with Troi in a love story that falls a bit flat, and the B story, with La Forge and Data and a couple of Ferengi, isn't all that exciting either. This isn't an offensive episode, but it's not all that interesting either.

    (Of note, Voyager, in its third season, would pick up the Ferengi thread from this episode and bring back the two aliens in "False Profits")