Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 9

The Quality Of Life

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1992 on CBS

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  • Exo-comps help define the criteria for life?

    Its hard not to love the exo-comps. Even though they are metallic they are still cute and cuddly!

    That aside, the episode suffers from a benign plot, with nothing really happening or essentially of consequence. It does however work perfectly in providing the platform for debating the criteria that provide definition for what Life is. To that end, the main plot does work.

    I did and still do find the arguments presented in this episode very interesting, though basic in their delivery. Cant be blamed given the nature of the source - i.e. the show runtime. I thought that Data's were sympathetic enough to be realistically viewed and Dr. Farallon does a good job of justifying why they shouldnt. With this argument being the mainstay of conflict in this episode, Id have given it a 5 mark. However, a slow start gives way to a clash filled middle act, when the exo-comps are introduced. Their use and the way the effected used to implement them are great. Not the best, but good enough for this episode. What I particularly liked were the way the exo-comps were tested and how they reacted to the tests. An enthralling middle act moves nicely into a tension filled final set of scenes as the exo-comps save Geordi and Picard from death by scarificing one of their kind.

    Thus they prove their fulfilment of the criteria to be deemed life.

    Enjoyable episode and one to watch.
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