Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 13

Time Squared

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1989 on CBS

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  • The Enterprise encounters a shuttlecraft carrying a Picard from 6 hours in the future.

    This episode is one that really sticks in my mind across the entire life of the program. The second Picard is a disturbing and paradoxical enigma for the crew of the Enterprise. There is also the interesting theme of what if you knew you had exactly so long left to live. The destruction of the ship is inevitable in a sense and the real Picard's frustration at his future self's incohesive speech is portrayed very well by Patrick Stewart. I liked the physical fight against the sink hole too and the way the ship tried to throw its all power into escaping only to be pulled harder and harder. In many ways, this episode was truly fascinating for its paradoxical nature and personally made me think about it a long time afterwards.