Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 1

Time's Arrow (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1992 on CBS

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  • The weak second half of the dissapointing TNG two-parter....

    "Time's Arrow" seems to be a TNG fan favorite with high ratings on most major film/TV database/discussion websites and a spot on the fan-assigned Time Travel Fan Collective DVD set. While indeed a well-produced episode, "Time's Arrow" ends up only marginally entertaining and does not stir the same ecstatic reactions within me that it seems to do for other TNG fans.

    The second half of "Time's Arrow" does the first half a grave disservice. Where the first half of the episode was poignant, character-centered, and interesting, the second half goes for laughs, cheese, and pointless plot points.

    My biggest gripe with the episode is the completely irritating, incredibly frustrating, and absolutely pointless inclusion of Samuel Clemens into the plot. The episode depicts Clemens as a squeaky Southern-accented old man who has figured out that Data is from the future. The episode continues to do all it can to wax sappy on Clemens' prejudiced ideas of the future that are changed once he visits the Enterprise.

    Then, to add insult to injury, the writers and producers decided that it would be here in Data's run-in with the 19th Century that the crew actually first meets Guinan. Why, you may ask? Beats me - her being on Earth in the 19th Century does absolutely nothing for the plot, nothing whatsoever. It is a device used to make the audience go "Oh! Look at that! Guinan actually meets Picard & co HERE!" Big whoopee (no pun intended, initially).

    There is plenty to like about "Time's Arrow" - mainly Brent Spiner who gives a terrific Data performance - but I was sorely disappointed by "Time's Arrow" - it started so excellently only to end so poorly.
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