Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 25


Aired Unknown Jun 14, 1993 on CBS

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  • Great episode, but a couple of inconsistencies

    Early in the episode, Troi notices that Picard, LaForge, and Data appear to be frozen in time. When they discuss this later, Troi says that she couldn't sense them telepathically. But if she can't sense people who are frozen in time, then why didn't she sense the aliens when she was in the same room w/ them? The aliens were the only people in the room who weren't frozen, so she should have been able to easily detect them.

    And I don't understand why the Warbird disappears at the end of the episode. Time was reset to normal and the "time aliens" disappeared (presumably back to their own time stream), and everything should have been normal after that.

    Despite these minor criticisms, this is a solid and entertaining episode.
  • Apparently, "The Next Phase" and "Cause and Effect" mated and had this child.

    This mystery episode featuring Picard, Data, Troi, and Geordi has a killer story idea that would seem more likely to appear in the Star Trek Animated Series. (And actually, the opening is reminiscent of "The Slaver Weapon" from that Trek incarnation.) Of course, it is more dramatic to see the events unfold in live action, and writer Brannon Braga, unwilling to coast on a sure-fire ratings hit of a premise, beautifully develops the mystery scene by scene before delivering a satisfying climax that ties it all together. Director Adam Nimoy deserves special praise for his choice of camera work on board the ships, keeping the shots of frozen crew members alive (and helping out the actors) by keeping the camera moving. (His father would probably conclude that this was the logical choice.)
  • Time is frozen!

    "Timescape" is one of my favorite TNG episodes. After attending a conference away from the "Enterprise," Troi, Picard, Data and LaForge find that time is standing still for them aboard their shuttle. They discover the same thing has happened aboard the "Enterprise" as they assist a Romulan Warbird. One of the best parts of the episodes is watching the ship explode and then get put back again as time moves backward.
    I also liked the scene where Picard feels the effect of the 'temporal narcosis' and draws the happy face on the plasma cloud. Just a fun, exciting episode to watch.
  • Not a bad mystery, with some creepiness too.

    OK well, a few weird things in this episode! First of all, Picard's hand! What in the HELL! That was actually kinda scary! And not to mention the manic laughing and the screaming for help. That was pretty nuts.

    That said, the mystery was pretty neat (was it a Romulan attack or a rescue mission? we dont know until the end, really). There were a few things left unanswered though - we didn't really see Geordi at the end, just left with the assumption that he's back. And also, we don't really know what happened to the alien young. Did they die? Go back to their own time? I can't put my finger on it, but the episode was not as engaging as others. Maybe this particular type of plot just didn't grab me. It was like an action episode, but with no action. It had a decent mystery, but it had a deus-ex kinda ending with the power transfer being the source of all the problems (and the solution). Definitely some good acting, though. BTW, "he just kept talking in one long unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic"...hehe. Patrick Stewart can be the funniest guy on the show when he wants to be.
  • "The Next Phase", part II. An exciting episode though not all of it is necessary.

    This episode follows a similar outline to the season 5 episode "The Next Phase" - a small group of Enterprise officers encounters a weird scifi phenomenon triggered by a Romulan ship calling for aid. Overall, this is a better episode - particularly because it's a more interesting concept, but also because the small ensemble is stronger - not just Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, but also Marina Sirtis in one of her best acting jobs on the show. There's also a nice air of mystery that surrounds the episode - what the hell is going on, and how will this disastrous situation be resolved?

    The biggest drag is the underlying concept. Were those weird aliens really necessary? They just seem grafted on pointlessly and the story would have worked better without them.
  • While Geordi, Troi , Data and Picard are traveling back to the “Enterprise”. Riker responds to a romulan warbird in distress. Troi notices everything stops moving but her. She tells the others aboard the runabout.

    While Geordi, Troi , Data and Picard are traveling back to the “Enterprise”. Riker responds to a romulan warbird in distress. Troi notices everything stops moving but her. She tells the others aboard the runabout. Then Troi does not move for a period of 3 minutes. Data and Geordi investigate and find there are space time rupture fragments all through the sector they are traveling. So they head back to where they think the “Enterprise” is and find it frozen in time. If you like the “twilight zone” series then you will enjoy this episode. I rate it a 10.0
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