Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 20

Tin Man

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1990 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When the star begins to nova, Tin Man throws the Enterprise (and we presume, also the Romulan vessel) clear of the explosion. When the Enterprise stops Wesley states that Tin Man has thrown the Enterprise "3.8 billion kilometers" clear of the Nova. The journey takes only a few seconds of screen time, and we are given the impression that the vessel has been 'whisked away' by Tin Man. The nova is then seen flaring on the viewscreen. 3.8 billion kilometers is approximately 3.5 'light hours' distance. Assuming that they are observing visible light - and not something esoteric like 'sub-space ambient warp field fluctuations' rendered by the computer into a "visible recreation" - the Enterprise should not be able to detect the nova visibly for hours.

    • Data claims here there is no known natural phenomena capable of travelling at warp speed. That wasn't true even in Original Trek ("Obsession," "Lights of Zetar"). However, previous Next Gen episodes like "Lonely Among Us" and "Datalore" also featured an energy creature and the Crystalline Being respectively who could travel at warp speeds.

    • Data and Elbrun beam over to Tin Man when the Enterprise is 18 minutes away at impulse. That's about 81 million miles - well outside any stated transporter range.

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  • Notes

    • In "The Child," Data asks Troi several questions regarding the telepathic and empathic abilities of Betazoid children in the womb but she is too busy having a baby to answer him. His questions are finally answered in this episode when Troi explains that Betazoids develop these abilities in adolescence.

    • The sounds of the Tin Man were created by holding a stethoscope to a person's stomach while a previously-eaten meal (pizza) was being digested.

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