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  • Season 7 Episode 26: All Good Things... (2)

  • Picard and Data are the only characters to hold the same rank they started with, throughout the entire series. Other than in alternate realities, Picard started and finished with the rank of captain, and Data lieutenant commander.

  • The temporal energy generated by the anomaly causes Geordi's eyes to regenerate, allowing him to see. However his blindness was due to a birth defect not an injury, so the tissue reverting to an earlier state shouldn't have made any difference as there was no undamaged state to return to.

  • When scanning the Anomaly, Data states that the center has three tachyon pulses combining that all came from the Enterprise. However, the future Enterprise never scans the anomaly with the pulse, rather the Pasteur scanned it.

  • In the future time zone, after the future Enterprise leaves the area where the anomaly is supposed to be, it is stated that if the ship returns to the area, the anomaly may be there. However, if the anomaly gets bigger in the past, then how could it not be there at an earlier time, and be there at a later time?

  • Season 7 Episode 25: All Good Things... (1)

  • Trivia: Apart from Picard, the only other characters to appear in all three timelines throughout the story are Worf and Data. The rest appear briefly, or not at all, in either the past or future timeline, but appear in either one or both of the other two. e.g. Troi appears in the past and present but is dead in the future. Riker is also seen in the past, although this was taken from Season 1 episodes.

  • In the past scenes, they forgot to change the conn chairs to their first season versions, when they were much taller.

  • In the past timeline sequences, they briefly slip-up and leave in some signs from the future-timeline scenes - look at the turbolift doors just after Troi in the past timeline talks about her relationship with Riker.

  • Both the Pasteur and the Enterprise go at speeds exceeding Warp 10, although it has been stated repeatedly that Warp 9 is the maximum. (This was apparently inserted deliberately by the writers, either as an in-joke or to emphasize the whole thing may be a hallucination given to Picard by Q and it's not "really" happening.)

  • In the past scenes, Data is missing one gold rank pip, making his rank appear to be Lt. Junior Grade. He should be a Lt. Commander (thankfully Picard calls him by his correct rank). (It's interesting to note that Data's rank remained Lt. Commander throughout the entire series, even in all the feature films.)

  • The question of Data's rank is a bigger goof than that. For some reason, the writers seem to have meant for Data to be a Lieutenant JG (even though we know he was already Lt. Commander by the Farpoint mission). At one point in the past, Picard leaves the bridge to Lt. Yar while Data is sitting right there at Ops. And yet, when Picard meets Data for the first time (again), he DOES call him "Commander Data." So, which is it?

  • If the rupture is growing backwards in time, the sequence of events shown here is reversed. The future Enterprise crew should see the rupture when they arrive, and then it should get smaller until it vanishes entirely (when they make the scan and create it).

  • Tomalak says the Romulans will send one of their own ships in to investigate the anomaly along with the Enterprise, but we never see such a ship from then on.

  • If you look at the command consoles on the captain's chair on the Enterprise from the past, they are moulded into the chair. During the time of the Farpoint mission, the consoles on the chair could be flipped open and closed. The moulded consoles didn't appear until later in the series.

  • Season 7 Episode 24: Pre-emptive Strike

  • Picard tells Ro the convoy will have six ships, but when we see it, it has 12 ships.

  • Ro's nose design is different then in previous episodes (it has two less ridges).

  • This episode contradicts the events of "Journey's End." There they say that any Federation member staying in the disputed territory is on their own and the Federation will have nothing to do with them. Here the Federation has to deal with folks who stayed in the disputed territory.

  • Nechayev initially says that Starfleet doesn't have reliable intelligence on the Maquis, but later Picard tells Ro that he has intelligence saying the Maquis are eager to strike.

  • Season 7 Episode 23: Emergence

  • In "Keystone City" when the brick wall falls to reveal a glass door, a man can be seen through the door.

  • In the opening scene when Data is portraying a character from Shakespeare's play The Tempest, a small card can be seen attached to the back of the book he is carrying (likely containing his lines), but after increasing the amount of torchlight the card is no longer there.

  • During the The Tempest sequence, Picard says the light increase is satisfactory after Data orders the lights to increase, but before they actually respond.

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