Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 6

True Q

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1992 on CBS
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Stardate: 46192.3 A young intern visiting the Enterprise captures the interest of Q when she starts displaying Q-like powers.

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  • A chance to revisit "Hide and Q"

    Perhaps the weakest of the Q episodes, "True Q" is nevertheless enjoyable. Yes, the parallels to "Hide and Q" are obvious, but we get a chance to revisit that scenario and take the option that Riker DIDN'T take.

    Obviously Riker (or any of the other main characters) couldn't have taken that option because of the impact it would had on the show. Instead, Olivia D'abo gives fine performance as Amanda, an attractive and likeable young woman that allows the audience to develop at least a weak emotional bond with her character. Therefore we become invested in the story and the dilemma that she faces.

    My main problem with this episode was the subplot of Amanda having a crush on Riker -- a subplot that ultimately goes nowhere. I would have much rather seen Riker guiding Amanda in making her decision by offering his own unique (not to mention highly relevant!) perspective. It could have even developed into an entertaining and thought-provoking argument between Riker and Q, with each trying to convince Amanda which choice to take.

    Instead, the events of "Hide and Q" aren't even mentioned in this episode, and I think the writers missed a real opportunity to make this episode shine.moreless
  • True Filler

    This is sort of a remake of "Hide and Q", but instead of being about Riker, it features cute-as-a-button Olivia D'Abo as Amanda, the young intern tempted by the powers of the Q. She's great, and John De Lancie is great, but the story plods along in a paint by numbers fashion. Star Trek would essentially do this episode over in Voyager's seventh season episode, "Q2" but with a tighter, more exciting structure and a more personal connection for Q. As for this one, it's just a sixth season filler episode that's only notable for including Q.moreless
  • I'm surprised her name wasn't Dorothy...

    Okay, we have this teenage girl with super powers. Her parents, who lived in Kansas, died by a tornado despite such conditions being atmospherically impossible at the time. In Kansas...

    It turns out, the child is a Q and her masters are keeping an eye on her.

    I liked the interaction between Q and the girl, and especially Q vs Crusher, but the "Wizard of Oz" references are too over the top. As usual, John DeLancie shines in anything thrown his way.

    It's a nice filler story, but one of the more mediocre Q episodes... and with the best Q story yet to come, this does manage to whet our appetites for more Q...moreless
  • Its Q again, sort of.

    This episode is undeniably a filler. However, it can stand on its own merits. This episode gains the viewers' attention in a clever way. The young intern, Amanda, is a likable character. She is sweet, intellgent, gracious and kind. We are drawn into her story because we care about her.

    Amanda slowly begins to realize the full potential of her new found power. She can do anything that she wants to. This episode encourages the viewer to consider what one would do with this power. Would you save the world? Bring back a loved one from the dead? We are also shown that having the power to bend others to your will is not always what its cracked up to be. There would be consquences to such a power. This is an interesting story line because almost everyone has considered what it would be like to have God like power. In True Q, we are given the chance to see what it is like.

    Ultimately, Amanda must decide whether or not to join the Q Continuum. She is told that if she remains among humans, she must refrain from using her power. Here is yet another question: How hard would it be to stop yourself from using your power?

    This may not be the best of the Q episodes. In fact, we see very little of him, but it is a good one.moreless
  • A Q episode - true, true!

    Though it is a Q episode its a filler. Only Qs appearance takes it above a 6. Nothing really happens of any consequnce. We meet Amanda - a member of the QCont, though she doesnt know! A series of trials set by Q, make up the bulk of the events in this episode. It is these trials, benign as they are that held any interest for me and may do for you.

    The threat over Amanda is also the only element to worry the viewer and keep them watching, unless you really want to know how her particular story turns out.

    Not a great Q episode, so if you miss this then I wouldnt worry about it!moreless
Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

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Jonathan Frakes

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Brent Spiner

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Gates McFadden

Dr. Beverly Crusher

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Counsellor/Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Q's initial assignment was to determine if Amanda was really a Q. If so, she had to return to the Continuum; if not, she was to be killed. Once he confirmed she was a Q, she was given only two choices - join the Continuum or refrain from using her powers. In neither scenario was there an option to simply take away Amanda's powers. We know the Q can do this since they did it to Q himself in "Deja Q." Since Amanda spent most of the episode considering her new abilities a burden, it would seem that simply removing the powers would make her happier and resolve any concerns the Continuum had.

    • Despite being on the Enterprise for an internship (to act as part of the crew), Amanda was never given a communicator.

    • When Amanda first meets Q, Picard is wearing his regular uniform. After the meeting, supposedly just a few minutes afterward, in the captain's ready room, Picard is wearing a different uniform. This has happened before ("Ensign Ro").

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Geordi: It was all normal, and then the laws of physics went out the window.
      Q: And why shouldn't they? They're so inconvenient.

    • (Amanda throws Q across the room)
      Q: She's being impetuous! She's going to have to start acting like a true Q.
      Picard: Unless I'm mistaken, she just did.

    • (about approaching Amanda)
      Picard: We must at least appear to be...
      Q: Pals?
      Picard: Civil.

    • Q: What is it about these squirming little infants that you find so appealing?
      Crusher: I'm sure that's beyond your comprehension, Q.
      Q: I desperately hope so.

    • Q: Very impressive the way you contained that explosion. What else have you done?
      Amanda: I...I don't understand.
      Q: Telekinesis, teleportation... (looks at Picard) ...spontaneous combustion of someone you don't like. That sort of thing.

    • Q: Jean Luc. Sometimes I think the only reason I come back here is to hear your remarkable speeches.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Q's line about Jean Luc's speeches was not scripted. In fact the writers had such difficulty in coming up with something for him to say that by the time the show was filming John de Lancie dropped the line in on his own.