Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 18

Up The Long Ladder

Aired Unknown May 22, 1989 on CBS

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  • Get me the warp out of here

    Another shoddy episode, filled with unimportant characters and unimportant events. The plot follows a basic - solve a problem - kill two birds with one stone storyline. It also weaves the crossroads plot device into it, to show a possible different evolution for the central group of colonists settled on two different planets and developing differently.

    As others had said, the use of stereotypical Irish travellers though it works, is an ugly choice and doesnt lend to the watchability of this episode. Though the use of a closed off cloned society would have been novel at the time.

    Furthermore, the only conflict /confrontation is with the customs/traditions and the no nonsense ways of the colonists. Its is only when the Enterprise is called to the planet with the advanced soceity. Right from the beginning the situation calls for someone brave to shout... eureka - I got it! Unfortunately though we must sit through another 1.2 hr where the only thing that happens is that Ryker and the Dr. are stunned and their dna removed for cloning without their consent. Im sure that this was probably hairstandingly shocking back in the day... but this episode doesnt age to well.

    We are finally put out of our misery when Picard comes up with the resolution. Unless you like me are on a quest to sit through every episode (again), consider giving this a good miss. Nothing of any consequence happens.
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