Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1992 on CBS

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  • Dull psychological thriller

    Reminiscent of the fourth season's "Night Terrors" (but more character driven and less convoluted) this attempt at a mystical psychological thriller begins somewhat slow and dull before picking up some momentum. The three main guest stars, David Sage, Eve Brenner, and Ben Lemmon, are not terribly interesting, and figuring out whodunit is pretty easy. On the other hand, the cinematography - which is dreamlike for the nightmares and conventional for reality, is clever and well done.
  • An episode that tackles a difficult topic. Could have been done better, but superior to the weak episodes that surrounded it.

    Rape isn't an easy topic to tackle and this isn't an easy episode to watch. I can't say I "enjoyed" watching it, because the subject matter isn't enjoyable. But, coming as it did during the weakest stretch of the 5th season, I was surprised to the upside. This is a better episode than "New Ground" and "The Masterpiece Society." Despite being an "issue episode", the writers went to the effort of actually creating an interesting story.

    The plot is a bit slow to get off the ground but picks up in the second half. The dream sequences are pretty intense and creepy - particularly Beverly's.

    Props to TNG for trying something like this, even if they didn't completely succeed.
  • Deanna in Peril

    I actually prefer episodes w/ Marina Sirtis. In this one she (Bev and Ryker) are attacked by a telepath who has criminal instincts. They all fall into a coma.

    Invading their dreams, he inserts his face into one of the main other people in their dreams. Cleverly the mental rapist then blames his own father for the crimes, cleverly assisting Picard to find the "culprit". However, Data discovers an inconsistency in the evidence as leads a security team to arrest him, just as hes about to mentally assault Deanna again. Here in this final scene of confrontation we witness perhaps the best bit of the episode as Worf b!tchslaps the telepath with a nonchalant flick of the wrist!

    Not much action, but a worthwhile episode to watch.
  • While escorting a group of Ullians, the senior staff of the Enterprise begins to fall into comas. As Data and La Forge investigate the cause of this, no one is aware of the danger that has been with them all along.

    Not much to say about this episode. There just didn't seem like there was all that much to it, and at times it tended to drag, especially after Troi's attack. The danger itself doesn't do the usual week to week plot of putting any of our crew in moral peril, though it does present the possibility of traumatizing them deeply. It's a different kind of danger, and maybe it's just me but this one didn't seem like the biggest threat. The same situation seen later in Nemesis seems a whole lot worse and actually appears to affect Troi more than this one does, at least mentally if not physically. Some things just felt off about this episode and the truly entertaining moments were somewhat few and far between.

    Speaking of Troi, she gets to play the poor victim yet again. Seriously, how times can the creators really go to the empathic abilities backfiring on her? I guess in this case they didn't really play a part, but it still seems that the creators like batting the counselor around. I think only Riker gets abused more often. (Though if you want to go for traumatic quality over quantity, Picard easily takes that cake).

    The episode isn't without it's good points, though. Beverly flashing back to her husband's death is an interesting scene, especially to get to see Picard with (thinning) hair. I thought that the makeup department actually did a good job with that, making it seem mostly genuine, particularly the sides and back.

    And special mention goes to Worf, displaying his proficiency as the chief of security at the end. The poor guy often doesn't get his moments, seeing as he's rather aggressive and tends to fire first, only to miss so that we can see how formidable our enemy of the week is. At the end however, the door opens and with minimal effort clocks Jev and hands him to his deputies without missing a beat. Bravo, Mr. Worf.
  • The “Enterprise” is on its way to Kaldra IV carrying a delegation of Ullians. These three Ullians have the ability to retrieve past memories. The elder Ullian, Tarmin helps Keiko relive her childhood memories that are long forgotten.

    The “Enterprise” is on its way to Kaldra IV carrying a delegation of Ullians. These three Ullians have the ability to retrieve past memories. The elder Ullian, Tarmin helps Keiko relive her childhood memories that are long forgotten. Picard and the rest of the crew are reluctant to let Tarmin recall their past memories. The younger Ullian, Kev is fascinated by Troi’s beauty. Troi is in her quarters and begins remember memories of her past. Things are not what they seem. Troi falls into a coma. When she awakes she feels violated. Who could of done it?