Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 25

All Good Things... (1)


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Stardate: 47988.0 Captain Picard is shifting through three time periods: just before the Enterprise-D is sent on its mission to Farpoint station, the present, and 25 years in the future, when Picard has just been diagnosed with Irumadic Syndrome, a degenerative brain disease. Meanwhile, an anomaly appears in the past and present in the Neutral Zone that piques the interest of both Starfleet and the Romulans; the Enterprise is sent to investigate. On the way there, Q finally confirms Picard’s suspicion that he is responsible for the time traveling and that the anomaly is related to the shifts. He tells the Captain that the trial of seven years ago never ended and that humanity has been found guilty of being inferior. As punishment, humanity is to be destroyed -- not by the Q continuum, but by Picard himself. Now Picard must discover how he will destroy humanity, and how, or if, he can stop himself.moreless
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Jan 07, 2016
Please, can anyone explain how to actually watch this and other Star Trek videos?
Oct 07, 2012
A very very well done season/series finale. I can say that about very few shows I have loved. The writing/thinking/ideas on this show are second to none, and I love to see the genuine affection that it appears Q has developed for JLP when he says, "The helping hand, that was my idea." Just phenomenal writing and acting. This is my fave Star Trek series ever.

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