Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 17

When The Bough Breaks

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1988 on CBS
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Stardate: 41509.1 The children of the Enterprise, including Wesley Crusher, are abducted by a race of people who are unable to have children of their own.

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  • A Sterile Review...

    Another example of a good concept with an exceedingly poor execution. A lost planet of people hidden behind a cloak that made its inhabitants and life vulnerable to solar radiation was a bit of a stretch. The fact that they were ignorant to the effects of this radiation for hundreds of years, their natural resources gone, even as it was commented the fish all died hundreds of years before the show didn't alarm ANYONE on the planet? Really?

    The story was incredibly poor, how the Enterprise just happenstance to be led to this planet that only wanted to steal their children. Troi's empathy delivered a supreme understatement when she said "I sense that they want something, but they're afraid we might not part with it." I know their intents weren't devious, but the consideration of kidnapping, taking their own people should have given off more than such a vague impression. It recovered somewhat, allowing Wes and the other children to sort of grow on the audience, I enjoyed that they all had their own talents and screen time, it was just a flaw of bad writing and horribly underdeveloped ideas. Such as Data and Riker beaming over to the planet as they took Picard and Crusher, the scene surmised that the teleporter weakened their shields, but all throughout the episode they were trying to find ways of transporter to beam through small variations in their shield kind of fell out the window.moreless
  • Kidnapped!....

    In one of the more ridiculous first season episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Enterprise bumps into a planet whose population cannot have children. This planet proceeds to kidnap a handful of the ship's children and threatens to launch the Enterprise so far away from home that it will be impossible to get back home if they do not comply. The story is not completely horrible on paper, but you can already see where this is going: Wesley saves the day again! Holy crap is this "Star Trek: The Wesley Crusher Chronicles"? No! Enough already! We get it, he is a smart kid - but the producers did not seem to get what we also get: he is irritating!

    But Wesley is hardly the worst part of the episode: the acting is atrocious. All the supporting cast makes you laugh - when children suddenly are transported off the planet in front of their parents, the parents make the dumbest facial expressions; when the people on the planet do not want to give up the children you are laughing at their facial expressions too; and so on and so forth. "When The Bough Breaks" is one of the worst Next Generation episodes from season one.moreless
  • Urgh!!!!

    The only things of note in this episode were the subject matter and the performance of the kids. I found the episode pointless in the grand scheme of things. Nothing happened really, the all powerful beings get duped by Beverley handing over a medical scanner to Wesley - this after they managed to telenap/kidport the children in the first place!

    Dialogue was poor because of the poor scope of the plot and you wont feel anything throughout the 50mins.

    Even the ending was anticlimatic. Definitely one of the worst examples, even from a poor season 1.

    Best stay away from this one.moreless
  • At the end of the day, this is forgettable (and plot hole-ridden) stuff

    Hmmm. 'When the Bough Breaks' certainly isn't the worst episode of TNG's first season, but that's hardly a glowing recommendation. There are a couple of interesting ideas thrown into the mix here, but it's undermined by a patchy, threadbare script and a generally lacklustre execution.

    In short, I wasn't particularly convinced by any of this - not by the Aldeans plight, or their plan to steal a mere six children in order to repopulate their planet (did they really think that one through??). The reactions of both the children and parents didn't ring true either. I didn't feel a single spark of emotion, only the occasional cack-handed attempts at manipulating the audience with the occasional 'cutesy' moment.

    Having said that, Trek has a bad reputation when it comes to episodes heavily featuring children. Mercifully the kids weren't too annoying, so I guess that's one thing the episode has going in its favour.moreless
  • Not the weakest episode of the 1st season, but it's pretty bad. Sadly for Wil Wheaton, this is also one of Wesley's least annoying 1st season appearances.

    Again, an interesting concept was botched by the 1st season writers. The plot proceeds at a glacial pace and at no point are we actually worried, nor do we actually care, what happens to the Enterprise's children.

    This is one of the rare cases where Wesley Crusher's role as a hero actually makes sense -- instead of being some sort of misunderstood teenage superman, he's just the oldest of a bunch of scared kids.

    The music in the 1st season of Star Trek deserves plenty of derision, but it was especially annoying in this episode during the "cutesy" sequences.

    Some other random notes:

    1) Apparently in the future 8 year olds will be learning calculus

    2) The writers couldn't resist sticking in a "topical" reference to the Ozone Layer -- oh, the late 80s!

    3) Troi's line near the end, saying "We know they'll make good parents!" -- HUH? Were you watching the same episode I was?moreless
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Patrick Stewart

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