Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 6

Where No One Has Gone Before

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1987 on CBS

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  • Easily the best episode of the series up to this point.

    'Where No One Has Gone Before' is an enjoyable, well-executed episode that's literally light years ahead of the dross that surrounds it. It's the first episode of TNG that I can whole-heartedly recommend and the first that proves that TNG is capable of much more than simply regurgitating TOS storylines, and poorly at that (although, having said that there are elements of 'Shore Leave' thrown into the mix!).

    The Kosinski/Traveller set-up was nicely done and the interplay was fantastic, with the arrogant Kosinski bringing a spark to the episode's first half. Although there's nothing particularly fresh about the concept of the crew's imaginations coming to life, it's a more effective way of letting us see these character's inner selves - their hopes and fears - than having them wander round the ship intoxicated (Naked Now). In that respect, this would have been a far better second episode.

    I personally digged the metaphysical references: I find things like interesting and mind-expanding. I also thought the special effects were quite breath-taking and although a lot of the SFX in early TNG episodes looks understandably ropey 20+ years on, the effects in this episode still hold up remarkably well. If I'm going to nit-pick I could have done without the 'Wesley is special' subplot, but that's probably because I could have done without Wesley altogether...but overall, a fine episode and a definite highlight of season one.