Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 2

Where Silence Has Lease

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1988 on CBS

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  • Thrilling, tense, and apparently underrated....

    "Where Silence Has Lease" is the oomph that Star Trek: TNG should have began with for the second season start, instead of the snooze-worthy "The Child" (I do not know if this is because "The Child" was an idea for the thrown-out "Phase II" 70s Trek series and "Where Silence Has Lease" is an original story, but I am considering it as a possibility). In this the second episode of the series' second season, the Enterprise becomes enveloped in a hole in space in which they cannot escape and bizarre events begin to unfold. The crew concludes that they must have stumbled into some sort of experiment being conducted by a large being - too bad that they were right.

    If for no other reason than because after countless season one episodes in which Wesley Crusher saves the day it was the fault of the annoying Mr. Crusher that the Enterprise was enveloped by this hole in space in the first place, "Where Silence Has Lease" is an upper tier TNG season two episode. Obviously improving upon the weak first season in every way (and so early in the second too!) "Where Silence Has Lease" is a tense, thrilling TNG ride as we watch the Enterprise crew try to escape a seemingly unwinnable scenario. The opening scenes are a bit odd and the alien entity that is experimenting on the Enterprise is a showcase of some poor late-80s effects but that does not stop "Where Silence Has Lease" from being a tense and thoroughly entertaining TNG mystery.