Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 1996 on UPN

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  • Evil of Axis

    With Voyager getting bullied by the Kazon, Janeway agrees to bend on the whole prime directive issue, and if you know anything about the Star Trek writers, you know how that's going to turn out.

    Featuring Seska, the Kazon and the Trabe, (the latter making their first appearance after being mentioned in "Initiations" and "Manuevers"), the episode moves through the motions of diplomacy and backstabbing to flesh out the politics of the area before building the story on top of it. (The situation is really an allegory for America's relationship with Middle-eastern nations, with the . either abhorring or overlooking the same moral issues depending on how friendly and accommodating a government happens to be. This, unfortunately, continues weakening the Kazon as characters. turning them into more of a messy bureaucracy than a threatening group of gangs).

    "Alliances" winds its way to a "surprise" ending that can be seen a mile away, but as an episode about the internal struggles of Janeway and the Voyager crew in a topsy turvy universe, it works alright... if you can get past the after school special moral at the end.

    Raphael Sbarge, impressing the show's powers-that-be as Crewman Jonas, returns for the next several episodes to continue a mini plot-line begun here.

  • Axis of Evil

    I get a little excited when I see Seska, but she's becoming too one dimensional in her villainous role. This episode asks should we join the Axis of Evil in order to protect ourselves from the Axis of Evil? How do you think that's going to play out? Pray tell.
  • Alliances


    Alliances was a superb episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it brought the Prime Directive into the forefront as the idea of an alliance with certain Kazon factions which might make Voyager's trip through Delta Quadrant easier. The story line was awesome and intriguing and important questions were raised and in the end Captain Janeway held fast to her course and gave a moving talk about how important Starfleet protocols and regulations are to the success of their mission to get back home. This was definitely a defining episode. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!

  • A potentially interesting storyline gets ruined by lack of follow-through.

    This episode could have been much better, and it wouldn't have taken much. I feel like Jeri Taylor, who wrote this, bailed out at the very end. A well-coordinated attack by a ship firing into a small room full of Kazon manages to inflict a few scratches and nothing more ? If you're going to turn the whole episode into a Janeway morality soliloquy, at least have some consequences to the Trabe's actions - kill some of the Kazon leaders and throw them into chaos, then Kathy can feel a little more justified on her soapbox. But if we never hear from the Trabe again, then this episode was entirely pointless, and nothing has changed.
  • The “Voyager” ship is badly damaged after a series of Kazon attacks. Chakotay suggests to Janeway that the whole crew should think like the Marquis. He suggests Janeway should align with some of the Kazon sects.

    The “Voyager” ship is badly damaged after a series of Kazon attacks. Chakotay suggests to Janeway that the whole crew should think like the Marquis. He suggests Janeway should align with some of the Kazon sects. Janeway objects, but does seek advice from Tuvok. Tuvok says it would be best to survival of the crew to from alliance with the Kazon. Here is the plan, Janeway contacts Seska and Neelix goes to planet Sobras to negotiate a plan to align with each of these Kazon sects. Neelix while on Sobras gets captured by the Kazon-Pommar.
  • Janeway is forced to go against her better judgement, all in order to say 'I told you so'.

    After a near destructive attack on Voyager by the Kazon, Janeway is forced to consider going against her better judgement to ally with a faction from the Delta quadrant. This episode was little more than a vehicle for the goodness of Federation ideals, and Janeway almost relishes her speech at the end of the episode about how 'Federation' ideals are more important than ever. Rather than give the character of Janeway a chance to question her ideals and confront her own inflexibility, she is given the chance to yet again show the crew of Voyager that the Federation is always right. Although the initial concept and the plot is not bad, this episode in my opinion shows a lack of daring on the part of the writers of the series. A good episode, but dissapointing. Perhaps after a few more seasons in the Delta quadrant, Janeway will really see her 'ideals' tested. This, however, was unfortunately not one of those times.