Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 1

Basics (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 04, 1996 on UPN
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Stardate: 50032.7
With the crew stranded on a barren planet, and the ship controlled by the Kazon, it's up to Tom Paris, Lon Suder, and The Doctor to retake Voyager and rescue their crewmates.

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  • Basics (2)

    Basics (2) was a great episode and season three opening episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it picked up where last season left off with the Crew of Voyager stranded on a prehistoric and inhospitable planet with early humanoids. It was interesting to see the crew interact with these humanoids and how the story progressed. It touched upon the ancientastronauttheory but on a different world. It was great how some of the Kazon and Seska story lines were finally wrapped up. The Doctor was awesome in this episode. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!

  • Seska, Suder and Hogan are dead. Voyager is taken back from the Kazon and the journey continues back to the Alpha quadrant.

    So this is the end of Season 1 and 2's story lines and now we're onto something else. With Seska dead the Kazon have no way of having an upper hand against Voyager. Seska's baby is still alive and its now known that it is not Chakoty's baby. Too bad, that would have been an intresting twist for a movie or something.

    Suder showed is heroism and took back the ship by giving Tom Paris his advantage by overloading the back-up phasers. The Voyager crew lost Hogan and another character on the surface of the planet with the Caveman like creatues.

    All in all this episode was good. It wasn't exactly adventurous or put you on your seat, but it definatly gave ya some pride in the Voyager crew. So on ward they go.moreless
  • Conclusion. The Kazon have took over Voyager. The Voyager crew members with the exception of Ensign Sudder, Paris and The Doctor are left on a barren planet. They may have to live the rest of their life on the planet.moreless

    Conclusion. The Kazon have took over Voyager. The Voyager crew members with the exception of Ensign Sudder, Paris and The Doctor are left on a barren planet. They may have to live the rest of their life on the planet. The Kazon are aware that The Doctor is still aboard the ship because he is a hologram. What they don't know is Ensign Sudder is hiding in a service access tunnel. Seska goes to The Doctor to have the health of her baby checked out. She is shocked to find out Chakotay is not the father of her baby. I rate this episode a 9.6moreless
  • the best Double episode they ever did!

    This blew me away! they couldn't have done it any better

    The Kazon storyline coming to an end, Voyagers greatest fear realised (losing the ship and stranded on a primitive planet) , They killed off a bunch of re-occuring cast members who had been built up over the season, Seska/Chakotay/Baby love angle, psychopath Lon Suder, tom paris and the talaxians, this ep had so many stories going on at the same time, and they all come to a head!

    the double episodes are normally new stories from scratch that begin and end within the two eps, but this was more than an end of season ep, this was the finale of the storyline that had been running over the first two seasons the writers deserve a serious high five for this one!moreless
  • They finally killed off Seska...

    I never really cared for Seska, so to see her killed off was a relief. And since they are done with the Kazon, it looks like they can now get on with (hopefully) battling the Borg now. I mean, after all, this IS the quadrant they are indiginous to.

    I was a little surprised to see that, since it is known that the Borg is from the Delta quadrant, it only makes sense that there would be more assimilated civilizations, but everyone that they are encountering are only saying how bad of a reputation they are developing. Why don't Janeway say to these people, Well, Mr. Alien - at least we haven't assimilated you and taken away the individuality of your species!"

    Overall, it was a great episode.moreless
Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif


Guest Star

Scott Haven

Scott Haven

Kazon Engineer

Guest Star

Michael Bailey Smith

Michael Bailey Smith

Alien #1

Guest Star

Anthony De Longis

Anthony De Longis

First Maje Culluh

Recurring Role

Nancy Hower

Nancy Hower

Ensign Samantha Wildman

Recurring Role

Simon Billig

Simon Billig

Ensign Hogan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Nitpick: On several occasions Janeway and Chakotay refer to the beings on the planets as aliens. However, they are native to the planet, and it is actually the Voyager crew that are the "aliens".

    • Nitpick: The Kazon that shoots Suder can briefly be seen to have used a Kazon weapon, but it fired a Starfleet orange beam, not the regular blue of Kazon weapons (like Suder had shown only moment earlier when he killed the engineering staff).

    • Nitpick: Despite there being at least two Bolians on Voyager's crew (Golwat and Chell), no one in any of the crowd scenes on Hanon IV has a blue face.

    • Nitpick: The Doctor asks the computer what the crew complement is. It counts up a number of Kazon and one Betazoid (Suder). It fails to count one Cardassian (Seska).

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Paris: (begging the Talaxians to assist him in rescuing Voyager and her crew) Commander Paksim, my people are counting on you! Look, no one knows Voyager like I do. I know every vulnerability, every blind spot. Don't worry, I have a plan!
      Paksim: (reluctantly) Very well, we'll rendezvous in an hour. Paksim out.
      Paris: One hour. I should be able to come up with some kind of plan in one hour.

    • Seska: You are more talented in the art of deception than you led me to believe.
      The Doctor: I was inspired by the presence of a master.

    • Janeway: Take them to Neelix, and tell him to hold off on the beetle stew, at least for the time being.

    • The Doctor:(to self) Get a hold of yourself, you're not just a hologram, you're a Starfleet hologram.

    • Doctor: One hologram and one sociopath might not be much of a match for the Kazon, but we'll have to do.

    • Janeway: Huddle together in groups, that will preserve body heat. This is no time to be shy.

    • The Doctor: I'm a doctor, not a counter-insurgent.

    • Seska: Tell me, is it within your program's capabilities to lie, or be deceptive?
      Doctor: I've learned that a bedside manner occasionaly requires me to, how shall I put it, soft pedal the truth. But bald faced lying, calculated deceit, I don't have much experience with that sort of thing. But, my program is adaptive, if you really need me to be deceptive, I'm sure I could learn.

    • Janeway: Hogan was a fine officer and a good man, and our job is to make sure his death is the last one for a long time.

    • Tuvok: May you find in death the peace you never knew in life.

    • The Doctor: Sticks and stones won't break my bones, so you can imagine how I feel about being called names.

    • Chakotay: Trapped on a barren planet, and you're stuck with the only Indian in the universe who can't start a fire by rubbing two sticks together!

  • NOTES (2)