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Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 1

Caretaker (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 1995 on UPN
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Stardate: 48315.6
While in pursuit of a Maquis ship in a region of space known as the Badlands, the starship Voyager, under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, is transported 70,000 light years from home into the uncharted region of the galaxy known as the Delta Quadrant.

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  • love it

    LOVE IT!
  • Caretaker (1)

    Caretaker (1) was a superb episode of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this pilot episode of the new series because the characters were awesome, there was action and intrigue, and the base story line seems to be really good. I think Captain Janeway is one of the best female heroes of television and this is her origin episode. I am not a trekie and don't follow any of the other Star Trek Series, however Voyager is the one I enjoy most for sure. I like how the the characters and story are coming together. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek Voyager!!!!!!!

  • All beginning of Star Trek Shows are somewhat limiting. This one is no different!

    It seems to follow most shows on TV that they start of like somewhat new born child trying to find its feet after recently learning how to walk. Actors and writers are still trying to mold their characters, producers scrambling to understand what their show is going to be about and most likely studios meddling and messing with it all through the process.

    There are some characters here that seem to be pretty well worked out, such as Kathryn Janeway, Harry Kim and the Doctor. The rest seems unsure, and sort of stumble through their first two episodes.

    When I saw Voyager for the first time, it was the opening credits and music that got me hooked. I still think that the ship is the most beautiful Star Trek ship ever designed, and I hoped it set the tone for what would follow.

    The story of how they end up so far away from home is one of the worst cooked up, and almost turned me away from the series. There is a huge mistake in the storyline (SPOILERS) as the caretaker is shipping people there from all over the universe because of the debts he owes to the Ocampa. So in one hand we have such compassionate identity that it has stayed there for 1000s of years to ensure that the Ocampa is safe, but on the other hand it is condemning lots of ships and its creatures by stealing them and not even returning them.

    However, as bad of an idea the whole caretaker was, the brilliance is in the two different crews, the Maquis and Starfleet being thrown together. That in itself was almost more interesting than being light years away from home.

    My feeling is that they underplayed the pilots. Instead of excitement and good storyline, it ended up somewhat slow. Any episodes with identity in them used to be fill-in material in the old series... and definitely not for pilots.

    The series had so much going for it. The fact that we had the first female captain was enough to give the series good time to establish itself. Though I had a lot of issues with the first episode, it still got me hooked from the first moment!moreless
  • A good beginning.

    I thought the pilot episode was good. It was a nice lead-in and was well written. I thought that it immediately seperated itself from the other Star Trek genres and it gave itself its own identity. This episode also did a good job of introducing the viewers to new characters such as Tuvok, Neelix, and Captain Janeway. The conflict between Starfleet and the Marquis was aslo nice as it added a snes of hostility to the show. The setting in the delta quadrant was also very refreshing as we got introduced to new species and potential friends and enemies. Overall, this was a good beginning to a new series. Thank you.moreless
  • An enjoyable offshoot from the original line, but based on a main mission agenda of getting home, with the secondary mission of following the beliefs and regulations as set down by starfleet.moreless

    The introduction to the new series, sees the new female Captain of the USS Voyager (Kate Mulgrew) and her crew, take up their first mission of tracking the Marquis ships that have entered the Badlands, they follow and like one of the Marquis ships, get transported by a strong beam to an unknown location.

    The location is then detected and verified as the Delta quadrant, some 75,000 light years from the alpha quadrant where they were initially. In order for them all to get back to the Alpha quadrant, the crew of the Marquis must join the crew of Yoyager, in order for both crews to survive. The also pick up Neelix and Kes from their damaged ship and they all form a motley crew, but under the guidance and tutilege of Capt. Janeway.

    The make there way back to the caretaker, only to be told that they are very pushy for a primitive bi-ped species, but needless to say, this was the best opener for any of the Star Trek series, which I throughly enjoyed and have watched numerous times, hence the perfect score of 10, as I was unable to ascertain how to give it an 11.moreless
Alicia Coppola

Alicia Coppola

Lt. Stadi

Guest Star

Armin Shimerman

Armin Shimerman


Guest Star

Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald


Guest Star

Josh Clark

Josh Clark

Lt. Carey

Recurring Role

Tarik Ergin

Tarik Ergin

Lt. Ayala

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: The shuttle that takes Tom Paris to Deep Space 9 changes its registry number; it initially reads "71325", then changes to "1701-D", and finally to "74656".

    • Goof: After it was decided to change Janeway's hairstyle, numerous styles were tested. Throughout the course of the episode, Janeway's hairstyle and hair color changes several times which caused minor continuity issues. At several points her hair is ginger in color styled in a curly loose bun. At other points her hair is brown and styled in the tighter bun she would wear for the rest of the first season.

    • When Torres introduces herself to Kim, she pronounces her first name BAY-lanna. However, her name is typically pronounced BEL-Lanna during the rest of the series.

    • Trivia: When Janeway is talking to Mark from her ready-room, she is drinking coffee out of a see-through cup, and it can be clearly seen that the coffee has milk or cream in it. However, for the entire series from this point on, Janeway only drinks black coffee.

    • Nitpick: On the array, Kim says he's detecting several humans and one Vulcan. However, as the crew of Voyager and the Maquis ship were there, he should be detecting lots more; Klingon (Torres), Bolian (Chell, Golwat), Bajoran (Gerron, Tabor, Celes, maybe even Seska), Betazoid (Suder, Jurot) and more than one Vulcan (Tuvok, Vorik).

    • Goof: Lt. Tuvok mistakenly wears Lt. Commander pips in this episode.

    • Goof: When Janeway is walking to Engineering after being transported by the array, she makes a left to go inside. The next shot shows her coming out of the Engineering turbolift instead.

    • Trivia: The scenes inside the Ocampa underground complex were filmed at LAX (Los Angeles) airport. Both the escalator and an exit sign are signs indicative of this.

    • Nitpick: When Janeway and Tuvok walk through the Array; it is clear because of the sunlight through the windows, that Janeway's shots were done on a different day to Tuvok's.

    • Goof: When B'Elanna tries to break out, her white jacket is quite open in several scenes, but then a few shots later it's closed again, which is not possible as she is restrained.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (finding Paris flirting with resident)
      Kim: Paris, she's only a hologram.
      Paris: No need to be rude.

    • Paris: Stadi, you're changing my mind about Betazoids.
      Stadi: Good.
      Paris: Oh, that wasn't a compliment. I've always considered Betazoids to be warm and sensual.
      Stadi: I can be warm and sensual.
      Paris: Just not to me.
      Stadi: Do you always fly at women at warp speed, Mister Paris?
      Paris: Only when they're in visual range.

    • The Caretaker: Oh, why have you come back? You don't have what I need.
      Janeway: I don't know what you need and frankly I don't care. I just want our people back and I want us all to be sent home.
      The Caretaker: Oh, now, aren't you contentious for a minor bipedal species?
      Janeway: This minor bipedal species doesn't take kindly to being abducted.

    • (Standing in front of a replicator)
      Paris: Tomato soup.
      Computer: There are 14 varieties of tomato soup available from this replicator: with rice, with vegetables, Bolian with pasta, with...
      Paris: Plain.
      Computer: Specify hot or chilled.
      Paris: Hot! Hot, plain tomato soup!

    • Quark: Here am I, trying to be a cordial host, knowing how much a young officer's parents would appreciate a token of his love on the eve of a dangerous mission and what do I get for my trouble? Scurrilous insults. Well, somebody's going to hear about this!

    • B'Elanna: Our fuel line has ruptured. Attempting to compensate. Damn it! We're barely maintaining impulse. I can't get any more out of it.
      Chakotay: Be creative.
      B'Elanna: How am I supposed to be creative with a 39-year old rebuilt engine?!

    • Paris: Didn't they warn you about the Ferengi at the Academy?

    • Janeway: Mr. Kim, at ease, before you sprain something!

  • NOTES (12)


    • Paris: The ghosts of those three dead officers came to me in the middle of the night and taught me the true meaning of Christmas.

      This is an allusion to A Christmas Carol, a Charles Dickens story involving a grouch who is visited by three ghosts on Christmas eve who convince him to be nicer to other people.