Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 2

Caretaker (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 1995 on UPN

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  • Caretaker (2)


    Caretaker (2) was a perfect episode and second half of the series premiere of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, suspense, and great sci fi story telling. It was awesome to meet new characters such as Nelix and others and the story of how the Voyager crew ended up on the other side of the galaxy or universe was cool. This was but the first of many missions and experiences for Voyager and her crew and I really look forward to watching the rest of the series after this awesome start to Star Trek Voyager!!!!!!!!!

  • (Review for both Part 1 and 2) what an amazing start for an amazing series.

    This had to be the best episode in season one. it shows how Voyager got to the Delta Quadrant and how they were stranded. I love this episode because it does a great job in explaining a lot of the characters. (except for the Doctor.) I love how Chakotay and Janeway are reluctant to work together but they have to so they can save their crewman. The situation with Neelix and Kes just added to the already interesting situation. I thought Neelix's character gave the show the humor it needed without taking away the serious of the bad situation at hand. His rescue of his girlfriend was an interesting twist that i can't say was a disappointment.

    The scene i like the most was when the the Maquis first boarded Voyager. Having Chakotay realize that Tuvok had been spying on him and that he had to deal with Tom (former Maquis who betrayed him) was very amusing. Don't get me wrong, Chakotay is one of my top three favorite characters on the show, but that moment was so intense that i think that the episode just wouldn't e the same without it.

    Anyway, all in all, great episode!!! :)
  • Part 2 of the pilot did get me more excited, as we got to meet Neelix and Kes.

    To continue from my review from Part 1 of the Pilot, I felt this one was slightly better. The introduction of Neelix which from the very start is one of the most interesting character just added that comical element that was missing. The doctor hadn't grown into his role, so he wasn't providing it yet. We see Neelix change a lot throughout the series, and as with most of these characters he gets better, more fun and more intelligent. In this episode he is played a bit on the dumb side.

    Again I found a big fault in the storyline. Now don't get me wrong, I love Star Trek, and it doesn't bother me when storyline take twists because of some space continuum disruptions or other strange phenomenon. (SPOILER) What I do on the other hand get irritated about is fault in logic. When Kathryn decides to blow up the array, there seems to be no other options explored. What about obtaining the array, and setting some devices to blow it up after it has sent them back? The requirement of having it being "her" fault that they are stranded there doesn't seem to have any reasons. But lets wait and see and watch the series till end.

    The actor that played the caretaker was brilliant and I was sad that we will not be seeing him again. On the other hand the Kazon baddies were just horrible. They are one of the worst baddies in the creation of Star Trek, and sadly we are stuck with them (and few other similarly as badly cooked up) for the rest of the series. It should have been thought out better!

    But the storyboard has been set, the pieces are in place, and it would be exciting to see where they were going to take us next.
  • "Caretaker" was the first episode of Voyager and one of the best episodes.

    (Written for both Parts 1 and 2.) "Caretaker" was the first episode of Voyager and one of the best episodes. The U.S.S. Voyager NCC 74656 is an Interped Class Starship on a mission: Find the Maquis. Under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) Voyager launches and heads for the badlands, the last place the Maquis ship was seen. In the badlands, Voyager encounters a coherent tetryon beam that scans them. Then, they encounter a wave that pulls them into the Delta Quadrant, Seventy-Five Thousand lightyears from their last location, in the Alpha Quadrant. Once in the Delta Quadrant, the Caretaker pulls the Voyager crew onboard the Caretaker space station and scans/probes the crew. Afterwards, the meet the Maquis Crew, Mr. Neelix and Kes, and form One Crew: A Starfleet Crew.

    This episode is a 10 because it is one of the best!!
  • The “Voyager” crew is enroute to the fifth planet of a neighboring star system. Along the way The “Voyager” crew meets Neelix, a Talaxian scavaneger. He can help them find the fifth planet in exchange for water.

    The “Voyager” crew is enroute to the fifth planet of a neighboring star system. Along the way The “Voyager” crew meets Neelix, a Talaxian scavaneger. He can help them find the fifth planet in exchange for water. So Neelix and the “Voyager” crew beam down to the surface of the planet. It is a barren place. With the Kazon on the surface and the Ocampia below the surface. Why is the caretaker just helping the Ocampia? It is later learned that the caretaker is dying and plans on destroying the array. Before he does this he must send more energy.
  • The Voyager and Maquis crew have to rescue Kim and Torres.

    Kim and Torres are in the Ocampa facility with some sort of disease and they are enable to leave.

    Janeway has to try and find away to rescue them and to convince the Caretaker to send voyager and the Maquis ship back home.

    He says that he is dying and is going to destroy his facility so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

    An Ocampan is helping Kim and Torres find a way out, while Kes is helping Janeway find a way into the facility.

    They are able to escape when they are found by, I think, Paris and Neelix.

    In this episode, Janeway has to make a tough decision: Destroy the Array and save the Ocampan people or use it to get home, knowing the Ocampan won't survive. Obviously, she destroys the Array, abandoning them all in the Delta Quadrant.
  • A really entertaining episode.

    Part 2 of the series pilot, now the crew of the Voyager teams up with the survivors of the maquis ship in order to survive this ordeal. an exciting episode indeed. now we see the crew in very dire straits. But they live through it, but they don't manage to get back to their home space. they are trapped in this quadrant. it will take 70 years for them to get home, this is the beginning of their journey. this will be the focus of the show, for the crew of the voyager to find a way home. an excellent plot.
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway recruits a former Maquis from the New Zealand Penal Settlement to help her take the crew of the newly commissioned U.S.S. Voyager to find her Security Officer, Lieutennant Commander TUvok, who was undercover on a Maquis ship that d

    As I've previously satated, the original version of this episode is much better than the syndicated version. But in both cases, once we've been introduced to Neelix, the comic relief and jack-of-all-trades (probably the second most memorable character introduction, after Janeway), the story gets moving again and we meet the Kazon, whom we can immediately see as not being eligible for the Star Trek's best villains list. They are the kind of villains you will see on any other show, the ones who you don't ever feel bad for. But stil, it's rare we have this great a story where the percieved main villain (i.e. the Caretaker) is actually just a kind old man who wants best for his "children". And as ovbious as they made it, the decision to return home or to stay had to fall on Janeway's shoulders, and a very Star Trek choice she made. Some may say that Voyager had the potential for conflict and didn't exploit it, but I feel it had the potential for resolving conflict, for working together, even with people you would have killed without hesitation in different circumstances, something which was very well represented here with Paris and Chakotay's backstory. What a wonderful journey home this show was set to be right from the beginning.