Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 01, 1995 on UPN

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  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Taking its title from an ancient Greek word meaning "Occupation", this paranoia bottle show is another one of those old "non-corporeal creatures taking over the crewmembers" stories. For the most part, it's nothing new, and it meanders along for a while before finally kicking into gear in the last act. By then, it's too little too late to save it from being VOY's least memorable episode of the first season. (What's sad is the teaser, showing Captain Janeway participating in a Gothic holonovel set in 19th century England, seems like a much more interesting premise, though the show would probably not want to do two holonovel stories in a row. The holonovel bit was actually shot separate from this episode anyway, being an unused portion of "Eye of the Needle").

    As writer Brannon Braga later lamented, the main problem with this one is that it's not actually about anything.

  • Clever

    Maybe not the stuff of legends but this episode has good sfi-fi, mystery, suspenseful, little twist there at the end

    well played, well played
  • Cathexis


    Cathexis was a good episode of Star Trek Voyager and I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great mystery and story. The characters were their usual selves trying to figure out what had happened to Chakotay and Tuvok. I must admit that I'm getting a little episode lag with all these stories about time travel and incorporeal alien beings! Season one seems to cover enough of these types of stories for the whole series! The way the story played out was interesting and definitely worth watching. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek Voyager!!!!

  • Well done episode with almost horror movie feel to it. One of the better one of season 1.

    Chakotay and Tuvok return from a trip, but Chakotay is badly hurt after an electric current swept through the shuttle. In fact his brain has been stripped of all its energy leaving him brain-dead. Kathryn decides to go to the nebula that apparently shot out this electric current at the shuttle. The closer they get the weirder the crew gets, as something seems to be taken over their action for short periods of time. Paranoia sets in - who can you trust?

    Wonderful episode and a great example of a rather small story based on even smaller idea that in execution becomes something much more. The whole episode is on board Voyager, and though scriptwriters ones more use unusual life forms and nebula as their canvas it works here. We are kept in the dark as to what is happening until the last moment. I remember when I saw this episode first that it had me totally puzzled. That is great when ongoing series like Star Trek, with their somewhat conventional story telling, can bring you an episode that keeps you wondering until the end.

    What is also fun here that we almost have an Alfred Hitchcock paranoia moments here. The crew finds out that an entity is taking over people's mind, they get paranoid, seeing strange behaviors as a clear sing of someone being 'possessed'. This also makes commanding the ship extremely difficult, making Kathryn for the first (but not last) time transfer all command codes to the Doctor. I enjoyed this episode. The only sort of negative is that once you have seen it ones, it doesn't really hold the same magic for the second viewing. It really needs that twist at the end to be exciting. In order for me to give more than 8 for an episode I have to want to see it again soon.
  • Due to the episode cut it wound up being the best episode of season one!

    The network cut short the final four episodes of season one and moved them over to season two, So Cathexis is easily the best episode of the season!

    Good story development in this one, some great moments, when the crew realise there are two entities at work, the viewers shock to hear the commands came from chakotay ...and not to forget tuvok thinking 'to hell with this' and putting the phaser on wide beam and wiping everyone out lol, now thats one way of defusing a tense situation! way to go Mr Tuvok!

    kinda has a horror movie feel to it, the way the crew act when they have been taken over by the entity, great acting! good directing as well
  • Chakotay and Tuvok are attacked while riding in a shuttlecraft. Both are unconscious when “Voyager” finds them. Tuvok recovers but Chakotay is left brain dead. The Doctor finds all of Chakotay’s bio-neural energy depleted. What could have caused this?

    Chakotay and Tuvok are attacked while riding in a shuttlecraft. Both are unconscious when “Voyager” finds them. Tuvok recovers but Chakotay is left brain dead. The Doctor finds all of Chakotay’s bio-neural energy depleted. What could have caused this? Tuvok explains that a ship hiding a dark matter nebula attacked them. So Janeway orders the “Voyager” in the nebula. While en route to the nebula, the ship changes course. Janeway wants some answers. It seems as if Paris die the course changer without permission or did he? It seems we have spirits aboard the “Voyager”.
  • The Best Voyager episode of Season 1!

    This is a great Voyager episode and through it all the best of a great Season 1. This episode is memorable because of its great acting and pure science fiction story line that makes you love this. I really enjoyed this show and its very memorable, Overall just great and I love this episode!
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