Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1997 on UPN
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Stardate: 50518.6
Captain Janeway repeatedly dies after she and Chakotay crash into a planet in what appears to be a time loop. Soon, her deceased father appears and tells her that she is dead and must accept her situation and move on.

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  • Soul Hunter

    This episode starts with an apparent time loop storyline involving both Chakotay and Janeway but then shifts into a Janeway-centric false reality storyline. I am unsure what the purpose of the time loop story is other than to confuse the audience and prevent being able to predict what will happen, which makes that portion of the story simply a waste of time since the twist isn't that good. I suppose it keeps interest in the story and fills up some time, but there is no substance.

    Even when the twist is revealed, we realize that the entire reactions of the crew to Janeway's death were simply a figment of her imagination which simply invalidates any emotional reaction they had. Watching this for the first time gives some impact but not worth a second look.

    The reality of the situation is very similar in concept to the Babylon 5 race of soul hunters who steal theconsciousness of people at the moment of death and store them, except that in this case the being lived in her head. Except did it? When she defeats it at the end, where does it go? There is no further investigation or explanation and they just fly right along happy as ever.

  • Coda

    Coda was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character development for Captain Janeway as she and Chakotay crashed on a planet and she was near death. Her father appeared to her and was trying to persuade her to come with him. I thought the story was awesome and very unique though you have to wait until the end to really get to the good stuff. There were many big questions asked and I liked how every thing played out. Captain Janeway proved herself yet again. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • I feel like I've seen this before. In fact, it seems like two ideas ganked directly from TNG and mashed into one episode.

    There's an infinite number of possible Voyager storylines. The Delta quadrant is a vast expanse full of anything the writers could imagine. So why Jeri Taylor felt the need to re-hash two already done ideas from Next Generation is a mystery to me. I'm referring specifically to "Cause and Effect" (Time Loop) and "The Next Phase" (Geordi is stuck out of phase, presumed dead, everyone is sad). There are differences but the concepts are very much the same. At least the alien entity piece at the end is fresh. Jeri, you've got so much freedom with this show... I hope it comes out later.moreless
  • At first it promises a great timeloop ride, and I always enjoy a time paradox. But then it falls to a rather boring and too familiar story of "you are dead, people accept your death, deal with it". Such a shame.moreless

    Janeway and Chakotay heads out in a shuttle. Then they get hit by a storm and crash. Janeway almost dies, but Chakotay manages to revive her. Then they find out they were actually shot down and surrounded by Vidiians. When they die, they somehow get back into the shuttle before they crashed. They try not to land only to get caught in another time loop. So far, so great. How will they get out of the loop and what caused it in the first place?

    Too bad we find out pretty soon it's not a time loop but Janeway's hallucination. She has got infected with phage and the Doctor cannot do anything to help her so he decides to kill her to relieve her of her suffering... wait, that's not the true reality either! This is kinda random and in my opinion it ruined the episode. Like if they wanted to do two separate episodes but then decided to merge them into one for some reason.

    So, the "true truth" comes out, Janeway is dead and must find peace and "enter the light", cross over to the afterlife. Her father comes to guide her. People aboard Voyager talk about their loss, some try to figure out if she isn't still alive in some other form of existence, but without any success. This has been done before and I didn't like funeral seen by the dead himself/herself the first time, so I lost all my attention. As the episode came to the end, I was waiting what exactly will bring Janeway back, as I didn't worry the tiniest bit that she's actually gone. Well, it seems she isn't completely dead and her father is in fact an alien trying to use her spiritual energy as nutrition, thus encouraging her to give up the will to fight the death. She does fight back, she is revived, everyone is happy.

    Boring. And to think it could be a great time paradox episode...moreless
  • I watch star trek Voyager everyday and this is the best well written masterpiece I have ever watch.

    This episode is a tearjerker and I promise you will burst into tears when you see this amazing episode. I give this episode 500 out of 500 stars because this episode is so wonderfully made. I loved the ending when Captain Janeway said go back to hell coward, and that was a quote.

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    • Janeway: You're trying very hard to get me to come with you. Why is that? If what you're saying is true, why not let me come to the decision on my own?
      Admiral Janeway: I'm trying to spare you unnecessary pain.
      Janeway: My father would never act like this! He always believed I had to learn my own lessons, make my own mistakes. He never tried to shield me from life, why would he try to shield me from death?

    • Chakotay: Me get up in front of other people and perform? I don't think so.
      Janeway: Come on Chakotay, there must be some talent you have people would enjoy. Maybe I could stand with an apple on my head and you could phaser it off.
      Chakotay: Sounds great, if I miss I get to be captain.

    • Janeway: The alien. He wanted to take me into another place.
      Chakotay: Another place? Some kind of afterlife?
      Janeway: Maybe, but I can tell you this - from what I saw, it's certainly not where I'd like to spend eternity.

    • The Doctor: I've come to the conclusion that there is only one humane course of action.
      Janeway: What's that?
      The Doctor: Euthanasia.

    • Janeway: Go back to HELL, coward!

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