Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 10

Cold Fire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1995 on UPN

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  • An okay Kes episode

    With a story thought up by an assistant manager of advertising for Paramount, "Cold Fire" invokes the pilot's idea of a second Caretaker and combines it with Kes's developing mental abilities to create a decent Kes episode.

    Gary Graham, who was considered for the parts that eventually became Sisko and Janeway, is the main guest star, playing a hybrid of Yoda and the Emperor and teaching Kes the ways of the force. It's a part that requires movie star gravitas, and Graham, unfortunately, doesn't have it, sabotaging what the writers are going for. (Graham is actually a fine actor and would return to play a recurring Vulcan on Enterprise; Tanis is just not his sort of role. What the part really needs is an actor with more stage experience and more charisma). Jennifer Lien on the other hand, hits all the right notes as Kes helping to make up for the Graham's shortcomings.

    As it winds its way to its conclusion, the episode turns into a mini horror-movie (which is not surprising if you've seen the preview, since it gives away most of the story) before maddeningly hitting the reset button at the end.

    Still, for an uneven episode with casting issues, "Cold Fire" is a rather entertaining hour.

  • too little too late

    at last we get a taste of Kes's telekinetic abilities, and it boils down (no pun intended) into her boiling a cup of coffee... I got excited for a split second, but see her character itself lacked interest... there are other characters that don't have any "powers" and they're still fascinating, I think it was too little too late for Kes... she should have been absolutely fascinating from the start and that just didn't happen

    oh same goes with the Caretaker... she was presented in the form of a child and I knew she posed no real threat and she wasn't going to send Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant, so why bother

  • Hot and Cold.. and sometimes just right

    I agree with _some_ of the points made by tvobsessive - though it's clear that they go too far with their "review" of the whole series. Kes' character _was_ a victim of sorts - of pretty inconsistent and less-than-inspired writing. Perhaps it's unfair to blame the writers - the character may simply have been DOA. Most likely a mix of different writer's (techniques, styles, voices, and even _direction_ are to blame. Some of the lines, and the approaches to _scene_ like camera usage, character expression and inflection, are just - it's hard to say without sounding cruel (IMHO) - OFF TARGET. And then the strange way that she "left" Neelix? Give me a break; obviously the WARLORD who inhabited her, being hetero, was not interested in Neelix... but it was an insincere and shallow stretch to extend _his_ sentiment and project it on to Kes once she was _herself_ again. All of Neelix's jealousy and insecurity, which was supposedly unwarranted or absurd because of Kes' devotion???? (in italics). Very disappointing. If it was unrealistic to pair the two - then it should never have been attempted (hindsight, in TV, can be worse than ignorance... it didn't serve Kes' character (her departure proves that). Apologies to Kes fans. I like Jen Lien and I mostly liked Kes -- I didn't like what _they made her do, and become_ ..

    The episode - I thought it was decent despite some of the absurdities ("Bring the FIRE!"????? Fine the writer who penned that please... ;-) The early scenes do give indication that something's amiss with the writing and/or directing -- Tuvok, in the sickbay, standing conveniently close to be in-frame... needs a line, so he'll say (I paraphrase, but it's close) "Perhaps the other caretaker entity will be able to send us home" Exposition overdone by miles. The most obvious of obvious - and they stick Tim Russ with delivering it. I know actor's crave lines - but, I wish he'd have asked to either say something, anything else - or simply back away silently... Oh well. Hmm - maybe I didn't like the episode. I'll take it over any episode of... B5 ;-) Just kidding (sort of). I'm very fond of Voyager.. I disagree with the coal-raking of tvobs.. it hardly "sums up" Voyager -- which was hardly rough, overall, and was often quite well thought-out IMHO (or IMFAO I guess). It ran the full seven, and has a legion of fans.... Stronger than TNG as far as I am concerned, despite the problems. I hated that Enterprise was cancelled btw - wasn't perfect, but it was better than no Trek for sure - and I thought it was coming in to stride when they pulled it. Remember - 2-cents really isn't much, no matter who it comes from.
  • Cold Fire


    Cold Fire was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development for Kes as she continued training with Tuvok to develop her mental abilities. I thought it was cool how the Caretakers remains started to resonate because his old mateSuspiria was close by. It was cool to find out what she did for the Ocampa. There was some intrigue and action. I thought it was creepy when Kes tried to show Tuvok her mind fire and it looked like he was going to explode, classic sci fi goodness! I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!

  • Left me feeling cold. I think this has got to be the dullest episode of Star Trek from any of the series.

    For starters it was about Kes who lets be honest was an absolutely pointless character she was ill conceived and never developed before the writers finally realised this and thankfully got rid of her. That may sound harsh but can anybody seriously tell me Voyager would have been worse if she\'d never been there. As for the good episode focusing on her character, Before and After that could easily have been told using any of the other characters, and the other episodes that centred on her character such as Warlord well that one was just an alright even though it was incredibly predictable

    As for Fury her comeback episode well that was an interesting idea but poorly executed and could also have been written differently to put any of the other characters in Kes\' position anyway or just never have been written but so what it was good but not that good an episode.

    As to the review of this episode, it actually bored me, which is something I never believed, would happen watching Star Trek. The training of Kes by Tuvok amounted to her boiling a cup of coffee with bad dialogue and the search for the female caretaker was seriously flawed, as the writers didn\'t seem to know how to handle her whether to make her a serious threat or a kind of Q like alien who\'d toy with the crew probably no wonder then she was never seen again nor if I remember rightly even mentioned again. Were their any good points the performances from Jennifer Lien Tim Russ were good Robert Picardo was as good as ever and Gary Graham was good kind of a forerunner to the rude and arrogant Soval he\'d later play on Enterprise, all in spite of the script not as it should be because of it. In fairness I have to say Lien was unlucky to get saddled with such a useless character and I thought she did at least always try to play her well this episode and her character in particular kind of sum up everything about Voyager, which I\'ll admit is my least favourite of all the Trek shows, it was a rough idea that had very little thought put into it and was overall poorly executed a shame really.
  • Kes and The Doctor are talking in sickbay when suddenly they start hearing a strange sound. They look all over sickbay to find out where strange sound is coming from. It is coming from the remains of the Caretaker.

    Kes and The Doctor are talking in sickbay when suddenly they start hearing a strange sound. They look all over sickbay to find out where strange sound is coming from. It is coming from the remains of the Caretaker. Kes has a feeling the female Caretaker is somewhere close by. She is right. Torres has an idea. The “Voyager" crew could use the remains of the Caretaker to find where the female Caretaker is. It pays off. The female Caretaker is angry and thinks the “Voyager” crew killed her mate. Will the crew find their way home?
  • Voyager tracks down the mate of the alien that brought them to the Delta quadrant.

    Finally, after numerous episodes, the overall plot of the series moves forward. When Kes and the Doctor notice that the remains of the alien (the 'custodian') that brought Voyager to the delta quadrant begin reacting to something, it is investigated and found to react to the energy field of the mate of the original, whose name eventually turns out to be 'Susperia'. Using this as a tracking device, Voyager tracks down a similar array to the one that brought them to the delta quadrant in the first place, and find it populated with Ocampa. Kes meets the head Ocampa from the array, and learns of her psychic potential, and the crew of Voyager also learns that its reputation proceeds them - they are thought to be dangerous, bloodthirsty, and to have killed the 'custodian'. This was not a particularly satisfying episode, as there was little interaction with Susperia before she flees the ship, however, Janeway makes it clear that Voyager will continue to search for Susperia as a means to return home, so it is obvious the alien will make an appearance later in the series.