Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 10

Cold Fire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1995 on UPN

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  • Hot and Cold.. and sometimes just right

    I agree with _some_ of the points made by tvobsessive - though it's clear that they go too far with their "review" of the whole series. Kes' character _was_ a victim of sorts - of pretty inconsistent and less-than-inspired writing. Perhaps it's unfair to blame the writers - the character may simply have been DOA. Most likely a mix of different writer's (techniques, styles, voices, and even _direction_ are to blame. Some of the lines, and the approaches to _scene_ like camera usage, character expression and inflection, are just - it's hard to say without sounding cruel (IMHO) - OFF TARGET. And then the strange way that she "left" Neelix? Give me a break; obviously the WARLORD who inhabited her, being hetero, was not interested in Neelix... but it was an insincere and shallow stretch to extend _his_ sentiment and project it on to Kes once she was _herself_ again. All of Neelix's jealousy and insecurity, which was supposedly unwarranted or absurd because of Kes' devotion???? (in italics). Very disappointing. If it was unrealistic to pair the two - then it should never have been attempted (hindsight, in TV, can be worse than ignorance... it didn't serve Kes' character (her departure proves that). Apologies to Kes fans. I like Jen Lien and I mostly liked Kes -- I didn't like what _they made her do, and become_ ..

    The episode - I thought it was decent despite some of the absurdities ("Bring the FIRE!"????? Fine the writer who penned that please... ;-) The early scenes do give indication that something's amiss with the writing and/or directing -- Tuvok, in the sickbay, standing conveniently close to be in-frame... needs a line, so he'll say (I paraphrase, but it's close) "Perhaps the other caretaker entity will be able to send us home" Exposition overdone by miles. The most obvious of obvious - and they stick Tim Russ with delivering it. I know actor's crave lines - but, I wish he'd have asked to either say something, anything else - or simply back away silently... Oh well. Hmm - maybe I didn't like the episode. I'll take it over any episode of... B5 ;-) Just kidding (sort of). I'm very fond of Voyager.. I disagree with the coal-raking of tvobs.. it hardly "sums up" Voyager -- which was hardly rough, overall, and was often quite well thought-out IMHO (or IMFAO I guess). It ran the full seven, and has a legion of fans.... Stronger than TNG as far as I am concerned, despite the problems. I hated that Enterprise was cancelled btw - wasn't perfect, but it was better than no Trek for sure - and I thought it was coming in to stride when they pulled it. Remember - 2-cents really isn't much, no matter who it comes from.