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Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1997 on UPN
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Stardate: 50693.2
The Doctor tries to improve his programming by incorporating traits from famous and historical people, but is soon overwhelmed by the dark sides of their personalities.

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  • Something dark is going on with the Doctor…

    Something dark is going on with the Doctor…

    He's been messing with his subroutines, combining elements of historical characters into his personality. For some reason, all the "dark elements" of these people start to emerge. The result is a negative personality for the Doctor who begins to torture, maim, and attempt to kill rather than heal people.

    Meanwhile, Kes is aging and getting restless. She's an overripe 3 year old who wants to run off with her new boyfriend of a few days. She talks to Janeway about this who offers up virtually nothing of interest or caution about "rebound" romances. Of course, to Kes, Janeway in her 40's, is probably a senile old woman just rambling on and on.

    Eventually, everything degrades to a "Perils of Pauline" setup with the evil, cloaked Doctor spiriting away the young female (Kes) and threatening to kill her unless she goes off with him. Torres somehow sets things right by deleting the subroutines. Nothing really happens to change the Doctor's character (positively or negatively) moving forward. Nothing here helps define or redefine Kes' character. Nothing here advances the storyline of Voyager. This is an episode that can/should be skipped.moreless
  • Kes has fallen in love, and the Doctor has integrated numerous historical figures into his program, hoping to improve his bedside manner. The result is disaster. The Doctor splits into dark personalities incorporated from the those figures he admired.moreless

    It is understandable that this episode is frequently cited as one of the least favorite of Star Trek fans. Kes is acting like a lovestruck teenager, and the doctor, having incorporated several historical figures into his program has the dark side of those people take over, making him cruel, ruthless and murderous. Yet, he still feels protective toward Kes. The ending makes no sense. As he and Kes fall from a precipice, they are transported back to Voyager in mid-fall, and once there, the Doctor is the Doctor again, ready to be repaired by Torres. No explanation for how he was changed from the evil meglomaniac during the transport. And no explanation for Kes suddenly deciding to stay on Voyager instead of joining the man who professed his love for her and for whom she has been acting like a 15 year old girl, other than a reference to the Captain saying if she was going through changes, she should stay on Voyager. It was painful to watch and a relief when it ended.moreless
  • Darkling

    Darkling was a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I enjoyed watching this episode as the Doctor attempted to enhance his program by adding personality traits from histories great minds. It seems the Doctor got more than he bargained for as some darker sides of humanity came out in him and his behavior was much more insidious. The character development in this episode was minimal yet important as the Doctor kidnapped Kes and hurt other crew members. In the end every thing works out and the Doctor is programmed back to his old self thanks to Torres. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!moreless
  • A strange episode that's mostly just a display of Robert Picardo's acting talents.

    I have a feeling that co-writers Singer and Braga came up with the general concept of holographic schizophrenia, and created an episode around it. The plot actually starts out interesting - Kes considering leaving Voyager - but by the end, that entire story is forgotten. It's really just an excuse to showcase Picardo's many faces, and he excels at displaying all the different personalities. This really isn't as bad as other reviews suggest; it's not boring - just very odd - and a filler episode which will be forgotten shortly. I'm surprised the Kes/Neelix breakup hasn't been addressed. Since Kes was inhabited by a male alien tyrant when she dumped Neelix, you'd think they would have considered reconciling...moreless
  • The “Voyager” Crew visits the outpost of the Mikhal Travelers. The Mikhal Travelers have valuable information that would help “Voyager” cross safely through that region of space. The Doctor has his own project going.moreless

    The “Voyager” Crew visits the outpost of the Mikhal Travelers. The Mikhal Travelers have valuable information that would help “Voyager” cross safely through that region of space. The Doctor has his own project going. The Doctor is trying to integrate other personalities into his program. The Doctor is successful, or is he? One of the Travelers is attack by a hooded individual. It sounds like the Doctor. The “Voyager” crew has no idea that the Doctor has turned evil. Torress and Kes soon find out. This is a classic Star Trek recreation of Doctor Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: As Kes and The Doctor step on the transporter pad, position markers are visible on the pad.

    • Nitpick: When Janeway discovers where the Doctor and Kes are, she "downloads" the coordinates to Tuvok's tricorder. The correct term would be "upload", since she is sending data.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Doctor: (after he shoots a crewman) Flesh is weak, Kes. Never forget that.

    • (The Doctor installs some new profiles into his program and is examining Torres)
      The Doctor: In my preparatory report to the away team I recall mentioning to you that Klingons lacked an enzyme for metabolizing this planet's vegetation. Have you been naughty?
      B'Elanna: I had one small salad.
      The Doctor: So impetuous. Any sharp pains?
      B'Elanna: No.
      The Doctor: Heart burn?
      B'Elanna: I guess so.
      The Doctor: There's nothing like a heart that burns.
      B'Elanna: What?
      The Doctor: Your pulse is lovely. Ah-ha. Mmm. Does that feel good?
      B'Elanna: Doctor, unless you want me to knock you into the middle of the next millennium, you'd better back off.

    • The Doctor: Put those down before someone gets hurt, and I have to clean up the mess.

    • Dark Doctor: Watch your tongue or I'll remove it.

    • Kes: What are you hoping to gain?
      The Doctor: An improved bedside manner. More patience with my patients.

    • Kes: I'm not a child... I'm three years old and have the right to spend my time with whom I choose.

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