Star Trek: Voyager

Season 4 Episode 3

Day Of Honor

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1997 on UPN

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  • Day of Honor


    Day of Honor was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had tons of character development for Seven of Nine, not to be called just Seven, as well as for Paris and Torres who get stranded in space and face the possibility of death. I like how Captain Janeway handled the situation with the aliens and how she keeps coaching Seven. I really like where this season is going so far. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • If she wasn't dieing would she have come to that realisation?

    Voyager is getting better now all the characters seem to feel most comfortable in their roles. Obviously this disadvantages Jeri Ryan who plays Seven but she more than holds her own. I am a little annoyed at Kes leaving though because she was like the Data of this series only not trying to find humanity but deal with her powers. With Seven you literally get another variation on Data finding humanity just more bolshy and dangerous. Which on the surface is disappointing.

    Its the Day of Honour and B'lanna is unsure whether she should go through with the ritual. She feels she is a coward and doesn't deserve it. Meanwhile a group of aliens who have been stripped of their technology by the Borg ask Voyager for help. When the warp core has to be ejected these aliens end up scavenging it.

    It's is nice to see Voyager able to bring their two main plot lines and sub plot together in this episode it's what makes it feel solid. So we get B'lanna having a bad day and almost dieing (along with Tom) in an attempt to retrieve the warp core. Meanwhile Seven in her subplot, in return for the scavenged warp core, gets a bit of redemption by giving technology the alien race had lost (through the Borg), to save Voyager from destruction. See it all links in and that makes for a tight episode if a little boring and slightly badly acted at times.

    What comes out of this episode most though is B'lanna's epiphany that she loves Tom and she has been a coward. Looks like she didn't need her ritual after all.
  • This is where it all happens.

    This is the pivotal episode where B'elanna admits her true feelings for Tom. It starts off as a really bad day for B'elanna. She wakes up late for her duty shift, she has a bad time during her klingon holodeck simulation, and things get so bad as to where she has to eject the warp core. B'elanna and tom go to retrieve it and end up getting beamed into space. It takes b'elanna being on the brink of death to finally admitting her true feelings for tom. it takes a lot of guts to do that. she hates to feel vulnerable and here she leaves herself open to possibilities. i love this episode and the tom/belanna saga.
  • Another great step in B'Elanna's character development, and an important episode for Seven of Nine as well. These two women, who so often conflict and contrast each other, each make great achievements in this episode.

    The thing I love about Star Trek: Voyager above and beyond all the other Star Trek incarnations is the incredible attention paid to character development. The character of B'Elanna Torres is especially intriguing, and has always been my personal favorite. I also enjoy the romantic storyline between Tom and B'Elanna, and this episode is pivotal in the development of that relationship. The battle between Human and Klingon continues inside Lt. Torres, on the Day of Honor, an important Klingon holiday. Although part of her wants to go through the ceremony and examine her behavior over the last year, she ultimately decides not to. Then, after an accident in engineering that forces her to eject the warp core, she and Lt. Paris end up beaming into space from their shuttle craft. The self-examination that B'Elanna was trying to avoid becomes inevitable as she and Tom begin to run out of air and feel death approaching. Wanting to do at least one honorable thing, she tells Tom the truth about how she feels. The dialog that these two characters share while in space is just one of many excellent examples of how well these two characters complement each other, and demonstrates the excellent abilities of the two actors. Mien while, Seven of Nine finds herself in a position to help a species that has been devastated by the Borg, and learns a lesson in human compassion. Although I believe that this lesson comes a bit early in the season for her, the writers do a good job of balancing it out with later episodes, such as "Prey." Seven of Nine's story line matches well with B'Elanna's. She too is forced to self-examine, and, in a very different way, gets to do something honorable.
  • B'Elanna has a very bad day!

    I really enjoy this episode every time I see it. B'Elanna is always one of my favorite characters because she's so complicated. This episode tackles her struggle with her Klingon hertitage. The scene with Neelix is particularly interesting because he talks her into giving it a shot.
    It also wouldn't be a Klingon day without painsticks.

    The Tom & B'Elanna development was also long overdue. Their spacewalk was a good way, creatively, to give her no where to run to hide from her emotions.

    Seven also started to grow in this episode, and I like that storyline with the acception of how nice they were to the aliens at the end. I guess Janeway wanted to tiptoe away from them instead of face the armada, which seems like the smart choice.
  • Seven of Nine asks Janeway if there is a job she can do. Chakotay says he wants Seven to work in engineering. Torres says Seven can go work somewhere else. Torres must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Torres has been given an order.

    Seven of Nine asks Janeway if there is a job she can do. Chakotay says he wants Seven to work in engineering. Torres says Seven can go work somewhere else. Torres must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Torres has been given an order. Seven will work in engineering and help work on Transwarp technology. They attempt testing Transwarp and the warp coil malfunctions. The warp core has to be ejected. Torres and Paris search for the warp core using a shuttlecraft. The shuttlecraft hull breaches. Now Torres and Paris are floating in space.
  • Not consistently riveting, but reasonable--and with a good ending

    In the eleventh hour, when oxygen was all but gone and rescue seemed beyond hope, and when B'Elanna struggled to utter those three words to Tom, it was genuinely moving--a lot more powerful than the cliche I thought it could've been. A big part of the credit goes to the standout performances--Dawson and McNeill both deliver characterizations that I believe rank among some of their best work on the series. But a part of it is the way the dialog beforehand leads up to this moment, making the payoff both credible and compelling.

    I'm glad they decided to take a risk and bring this out into the open; now I can hope to see it put to reasonable use in the future (certainly, I hope, better than Worf and Dax on DS9 has been handled so far).

    Would only all Trek romances be handled with such attention to subtle emotional states and character foundations, we'd be in good shape.
  • B\'Elanna Battle (Again)

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I was starting to get a little tired of B\'Elanna\'s dumb touchy feely battle with her Kinglon side. From the very start I found that character trait to be annoying. She has been half Klingon her entire life, It isn’t like somebody stuck her with Klingon DNA and she is fighting it out. I thought the whole thing should have been wrapped up when the Videans separated her in two, but here it is again with the dumb day of honor.
    As with all B\'Elanna centric episodes we see how vulnerable she is. It\'s almost like the show produces need to remind the audience that she is a women or something. In this episode B\'Elanna is having a bad day (boo hoo). Unfortunately when the chef engineer has a bad day the ship nearly gets destroyed. The only cool thing about this episode was seeing the core eject for the first time. This episode also had to happen to set up the Tome and B\'Elanna storyline which I considered an iffy decision,