Star Trek: Voyager

Season 4 Episode 3

Day Of Honor

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1997 on UPN

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  • Another great step in B'Elanna's character development, and an important episode for Seven of Nine as well. These two women, who so often conflict and contrast each other, each make great achievements in this episode.

    The thing I love about Star Trek: Voyager above and beyond all the other Star Trek incarnations is the incredible attention paid to character development. The character of B'Elanna Torres is especially intriguing, and has always been my personal favorite. I also enjoy the romantic storyline between Tom and B'Elanna, and this episode is pivotal in the development of that relationship. The battle between Human and Klingon continues inside Lt. Torres, on the Day of Honor, an important Klingon holiday. Although part of her wants to go through the ceremony and examine her behavior over the last year, she ultimately decides not to. Then, after an accident in engineering that forces her to eject the warp core, she and Lt. Paris end up beaming into space from their shuttle craft. The self-examination that B'Elanna was trying to avoid becomes inevitable as she and Tom begin to run out of air and feel death approaching. Wanting to do at least one honorable thing, she tells Tom the truth about how she feels. The dialog that these two characters share while in space is just one of many excellent examples of how well these two characters complement each other, and demonstrates the excellent abilities of the two actors. Mien while, Seven of Nine finds herself in a position to help a species that has been devastated by the Borg, and learns a lesson in human compassion. Although I believe that this lesson comes a bit early in the season for her, the writers do a good job of balancing it out with later episodes, such as "Prey." Seven of Nine's story line matches well with B'Elanna's. She too is forced to self-examine, and, in a very different way, gets to do something honorable.
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