Star Trek: Voyager

Season 4 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 06, 1998 on UPN
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Stardate: Unknown
lands on a Demon-planet in order to mine for deuterium to replenish the ship's dangerously low supply.

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  • Demon

    Demon was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a pretty cool story and played out in an entertaining way. I felt there could have been more to the story of the Silver Blood on the Demon class planet. Over all a good concept and there was also some good character development for Harry Kim. The idea of a duplicate Voyager crew living a new life on a Demon class planet was interesting and I wonder if it will come up again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!moreless
  • Check your logic at the door when Harry and Tom go traipsing around a Demon class planet at 500 Kelvins.

    The writers really went off the rails in keeping some logical realistic consistency in this episode:

    1. If the ship is really hurting for power, why is the Doctor's program continuously running in sick bay? Chakotay even mentions it, and then laughs it off. Yeah sure, cut off life support instead of the Doctor. Makes a lot of sense.

    2. Yeah sure, let's send two of our senior officers into the furnace poisonous planet, with no comms, and no transporters, and limited time until their suits corrode. That makes sense as a general command decision. Have to paint the situation as more desperate to logically allow for that.

    3. And if you do go...let's joke flippantly about it on the planet's surface which looks like it's just a sauna. Kind of like a hot day in the park. No problem.

    4. Harry and Tom lose seals on their suits, oxygen is depleted, and the fall face first on the poisionous 500 Kelvin environment. Chakotay and Seven find them hours later, and the doctor says "thank god for the backup systems in the environmental suits." LOL. Didn't they just say that the suits wouldn't last long in that environment? No oxygen as well? With a leak in the suit? For hours? And they are still alive --- come on -- we need a better explanation than that.

    5. Chakotay and Seven stumble upon Harry and Tom's empty shuttle...and the shuttle door is WIDE OPEN. The temperature is supposed to be 500 Kelvins, I don't think the leather seats and paneling in the ship are meant to withstand that. And who left the shuttle door open anyway? Oh yeah...I forgot...they're just taking a stroll in the park.

    6. Finally, sure I'm willing to donate my DNA so that a whole cloned copy of myself is walking around and procreating on this demon planet. Sure sure. That is a perfectly reasonable way to negotiate an ending. That turns out well: See Course: Oblivion sequel episode. Plus - when did the whole Voyager ship get copied for that sequel. Oh yeah, it didn't. Whoops. Creative license....go brain required.moreless
  • Weird, with some plot contrivances. The "Living Pool" seemed strangely familiar (DS9).

    Well, first off, Harry and Tom should have died - unless the space suits have a better medical system than sickbay. Those things kept them living for a LONG time after their oxygen ran out, and we didn't get more than a quick one-liner about 'maintaining their biological functions' as an explanation. Pretty weak.

    The whole concept also reminded me quite a bit of the founders from DS9, although I'm not sure offhand which actually came first. I thought the episode was heading in that direction until the dopplegangers showed up. Another one-off where they're running out of "X" and need to find some.moreless
  • Running dangerously low on fuel, Voyager seeks a new source of deuterium on a Demon-or Y class-planet. What they find turns out to be a new type of lifeform seeking to duplicate the Voyager crew and settle on the planet.moreless

    The first thing that happens when this episode begins is a system-by-system brown-out of Voyager. Lights dimming, crew evacuating decks, shutting down replicators, warp engines, and all non-essential drainages on power. When the time comes to shut down Astro-Metrics Chakotay finds Seven of Nine continuing her work. She finds a large source of deuterium fuel on a nearby Y-Class planet, better known as Demon-class to Starfleet officers.

    Despite the power drain Seven of Nine decides to use the transporters to bring aboard a sample of the deuterium only to destroy the entire room, and take the entire system offline pending repairs. Resignation seems to set in to move on till a new source is found.

    Ensign Harry Kim has recently had a realization that he's no longer the wet-behind-the-ears, inexperienced crewman he was when Voyager first started out and has decided to assert himself. His first such assertment is to volunteer himself and his quick-quipping friend Tom Paris to scout ahead to the planet in a shuttle to bring back a sample of deuterium.

    After a classic Tom Paris skid-to-a-halt landing, the two Voyager officers seek out samples of deuterium. Approximately 50 kilometers from their shuttle they find a pool of a cool, metallic substance laced with liquid deuterium. Tom turns his back for a moment while Harry collects a sample. Not hearing a response to his taunts, Tom turns to find no sign of the young Ensign. No sign except for ripples in the liquid and bubbles erupting on its surface.

    Freeing Harry from the pool both their environmental suits proceed to rapidly degrade from the contaminated atmosphere and they lose consciousness.

    Meanwhile Captain Janeway sees no alternative but to land the ship on the surface of the planet. Chakotay and Seven of Nine leave in search of the two crewmen finding them free of their suits and breathing the toxic atmosphere with ease. Upon returning to Voyager, however, they are beamed directly to sickbay and are found to have been "bioformed" and their blood replaced with the metallic deuterium.

    Seeking answers, Harry volunteers to return to the surface with Chakotay and Seven of Nine to gather more information about the bioforming. Harry begins acting strangely, seeing beauty about the planet where there is only violent and untamed primordial disorder. He feels completely at home there. While trying to explain his feelings the team makes a shocking discovery. An unconscious Ensign Harry Kim and Lieutenant Tom Paris! Harry seems to realize who he is and runs off before Voyagers barely functioning transporter locks onto the group as a whole and beams them to sickbay.

    The strange liquid that seems to have mimicked Tom and Harry completely has now begun to amass under Voyager and is beginning to engulf it. Captain Janeway orders a liftoff. Finding resistance she begins attacking the liquid with a pulse capable of killing it. At about this time, the duplicate Harry Kim messages Voyager, begging them to stop. Once beamed aboard Captain Janeway realizes the entire scope of the situation. The metallic-deuterium lifeform was without sentience until it came into contact with Tom and Harry and took their forms. For the first time ever, it knew thought, and it wanted more. Janeway managed to negotiate the release of Voyager by agreeing to allow the crew to consent to duplication, giving birth to an entirely new civilization.

    This episode ends abruptly. Almost too abruptly if you ask me. There's something to be said about a show that jumps from Point A, to Point B, to Point D and cuts off. Finding resolution is all well and good. Implementing it is more important. Next thing we know, the ship is fully powered, and able to continue on its journey. The audience is left to ASSUME that they managed to secure an alternate form of power from the metallic lifeforms, I doubt they offered up several metric tons of their own to fill the deuterium tanks...moreless
  • Voyager runs dangerously low on fuel. Janeway orders crew members to relocate to certain decks. This will allow Voyager to have enough power to last a week at 1/4 impulse power. The astrometrics lab is still at full power.moreless

    Voyager runs dangerously low on fuel. Janeway orders crew members to relocate to certain decks. This will allow Voyager to have enough power to last a week at 1/4 impulse power. The astrometrics lab is still at full power. Chakotay asks Seven Of Nine to shutdown power to the lab. Seven argues that if she shuts down the lab they will not find fuel. Seven locates a planet with deuterium. The planet is a “Y” class planet, hardly habitable. It is more like a demon planet. Paris and Kim take a shuttlecraft to the surface. Will they make it?moreless
Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

The Doctor

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran

Robert Beltran

Commander Chakotay

Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson

Lt. B'Elanna Torres

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips


Tim Russ

Tim Russ

Lt. Commander Tuvok

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    • Chakotay: Looks like they went this way.
      Seven: My tricorder isn't picking up any life signs. How did you reach that conclusion?
      Chakotay: (shining his torch on some bootprints) Footprints. I guess you never assimilated any Indian scouts.

    • Janeway: (after Voyager lands on the planet) Status?
      Tuvok: I could give you a litany of damaged systems, Captain. But suffice it to say, now that we're down, we won't be going up again, soon.

    • Paris: I can't thank you enough for getting me in on this mission, Harry.
      Kim: Don't mention it.
      Paris: Remind me to volunteer you to help me the next time I have to clean the warp plasma manifolds.
      Kim: Really Tom, you don't owe me anything.
      Paris: Oh, but I do!

    • Paris: (after Kim gets assertive with Tuvok) Trying to change your squeaky clean image, or something?
      Kim: Not exactly.
      Paris: What, then?
      Kim: How do I explain this? When I first came on board Voyager, I was pretty green, right?
      Paris: A deep, almost fluorescent green, if I remember correctly.

    • Janeway: Deuterium, hydrogen sulfate, dichromates...
      B'Elanna: Add a little sodium chloride and it would probably taste a lot like Neelix's soup.
      Janeway: We should be so lucky.

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