Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 23

Distant Origin

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1997 on UPN

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  • It seems the Dinosaurs didn't quite die as we thought. On the contrary, they have created a very powerful empire in the Delta quadrant. Star Trek at it's best!

    I simply loved this episode! A very interesting and advanced race believes to be the first race - but there are some who think otherwise. A scientist finds remains of a human from Voyager and compares his DNA to their own, finding out they have something in common. They evolved on the very same planet.
    We see the whole story from the other side, there is no "Captain's log..." in the beginning. Actually, we don't get to see our crew until the second half of the episde. That is very refreshing. The scientist, scared of the government, sets out to find these humans. After finding some clues, he finally docks at the space station Voyager visited. Their superior engines make it a short way to intercept Voyager and while phase-shifted, they board the ship and watch humans up close.
    Voyager's crew isn't so low-tech, though. After some time, the aliens are discovered and Chakotay ends up on the alien vessel. Which ends up as a good thing, because Voyager gets beamed whole into a huge saurian mothership. Voyager is completely disabled and there seems to be no way to escape. Chakotay and the saurian scientist become friends in the meantime and because he doesn't want to endanger Voyager, he agrees to fly home to face the trial - he is accused of heresy and asked to admit his research about human and saurian people to evolve on the same planet to be false.
    In the end, he is forced to do so in order to save Voyager. His paleontology research carrier ends and he is forced to move to some other field of research. Even though, he now knows the truth. And some day, every saurian will know it too.
    A perfect episode which could easilly make up for a movie! I cannot think of any flaws in this one. Really, one of the best episodes in all Star Trek!
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