Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 23

Distant Origin

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1997 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: The remains that Gegan and Veer find in the cave, during the opening of the episode, are those of Crewman Hogan, who was killed in the season three premiere, "Basics (2)".

    • Goof: The Saurian scientists followed a trail based on the sample warp plasma found at the space station bordering the Nekrit Expanse. This alludes to a former episode, "Fair Trade", in which a group of Kolaati wanted a sample of Voyager's warp plasma. Instead, the station manager provided a lower quality sample. Therefore the Saurians would be pursuing the wrong ship.

    • Trivia: The alien species featured in this episode are said to be descended from a type of hadrosaur. However, although some palaeontologists believe that certain dinosaurs could have achieved higher intelligence had they continued to evolve, this theory is only regarding the troodon family, and not the hadrosaurs.

    • Nitpick: One of the Saurians asserts that the computer system aboard Voyager is binary in nature, though it has been previously established that this vessel no longer uses this particular method of numeric encoding.

  • Quotes

    • Paris: I'll see you tonight. BYOB.
      B'Elanna: What?
      Paris: Bring your own bat'leth.

    • Gegen: (speaking to Hogan's skull) Did your eyes see the planet of our origin? The true home of our race? Was it beautiful? Was is covered by oceans, by sand? Were there nine moons above your head, were there none? (Gegen looks at his assistant self consciously, then sets the skull down) He appears to be at a loss for words.

    • Paris: This should do the trick.
      Tuvok: An apple?
      Paris: You said you wanted an organic test subject.

    • Chakotay: I know from the history of my own planet that change is difficult. New ideas are often met with scepticism, even fear. But sometimes those ideas are accepted, and when they are, progress is made. Eyes are opened.

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