Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 25

Endgame (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 23, 2001 on UPN

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  • Endgame (1)


    Endgame (1) was a perfect episode and first half of the season seven and series finale of Star Trek: Voyager. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it jumps ahead in the future to a time after Voyager makes it back home and every one has aged considerably. It was cool to see the changes and how the characters turned out, and sad to find that some are no longer alive. The story was fun, engaging and full of action. It was awesome to watch Admirable Janeway deal with the Klingons and to see that the Borg Queen had been monitoring Voyager. I look forward to watching the second half and last episode of the series!!!!!!!!!

  • It is the 10th anniversary of Voyager triumphant return to earth. It took Voyager 23 years to return home. At the reunion party, we see Janeway as a Starfleet Admiral. Tom Paris is a holo-novelist. The Doctor has gotten married to a human woman.

    It is the 10th anniversary of Voyager triumphant return to earth. It took Voyager 23 years to return home. At the reunion party, we see Janeway as a Starfleet Admiral. Tom Paris is a holo-novelist. The Doctor has gotten married to a human woman. Harry Kim is a Starfleet Captain. Reginald Barclay is even there, he is a Starfleet Academy instructor. Janeway is troubled. She has lost a good friend and wants to change things in the past. I am sure Barclay can help. Admiral Janeway opens a rift in the space-time continuum. She plans on helping Voyager get home. I rate this episode a 10.0
  • It's 2404 and Admiral Janeway decides that it took Voyager too long to get home, and that they lost too many people so she decides to go back in time to get them home a little quicker

    Endgame. That's exactly what this was. Everthing was brought full circle in this episode. It fitting that it was Admiral Janeway's actions that got them home, since Captain Janeay had blamed herself for Voyager being stranded from day one!!This eep is right up there with the Scorpion Two-parter and Year of Hell. This is what season finales should be like!!!
  • This is the best!!!!

    This is my favorite Star Trek episode, including each and every one of the series! Admiral Janeway travels back in time using a device stolen from a Klingon. Admiral Janeway docks with Voyager from the past, who have just cruised by a nebula with hundreds of signatures that could be wormholes. Admiral Janeway says that they are right, and they are wormholes. Unfortunately, Voyager had travelled into the nebula and found it infested with Borg. Admiral Janeway says there is a wormhole inside the nebula there is a wormhole that leads into the Alpha Quadrant. They harness technology from the future and enter the nebula.
  • Awesome end to a great tv series.

    The crew of the Voyager are in space for seven years, they finally find a way to get home in ways that they wouldn't expect. The cool thing about star trek is that you can let your imagination go wild. The writers can write stuff up that sounds so cool in this fantasy universe. The Borg was a perfect nemesis for the voyager crew, in a few episodes were their allies. They find a really cool way to tell this story, it's an ending that calls out for a confrontation between the borg and voyager. It happens like a charm with complete star trek glory.
  • First part of the series finale, it is really awesome. Very suspensful. SPOILERS ABOUT BOTH PARTS INCLUDED

    The writers made a perfect job here. The whole episode is suspensful and filled with mystery and, of course, with a temporal paradox. I liked very much the idea of making every character its own opposite in the future. So Janeway who had to deal with rules in the wild Delta quadrant here has no problem breaking them; the logic Tuvok has become mentally ill; the Doc has chosen a name; Harry has become a captain and is self-confident, and so on. I think this aspect contributed to making this episode different from anyone else and I think that is part of its magic. It ends with Admiral Janeway aboard the past-voyager watched by the Borg queen. A very suspensful ending for those who, like me, had to wait a week to see the rest of this episode. Just great!
  • The series finale for Voyager certainly proved to be action-packed; however the storyline seemed rushed and too simply solved. The writers should have planned ahead for the end of the series a bit sooner to bring it to the justice that it deserved.

    Another action-packed episode of Voyager sees the crew finally reach home. But I'm sure many viewers, including myself, feel somewhat robbed over the simplicity and abruptness of the series' ending.

    We never hear any proper closing lines from characters such as Seven of Nine; and the elated responses from the crew don't seem that... elated.

    I have considered Voyager one of the best shows on television, but I was let down. The writers surely could have planned ahead, and given Voyager the ending that it deserved. One that left both the crew, and Voyager's fans, satisfied.
  • This episode takes place half in Voyager's present and half in it's future. A transwarp hub that could get Voyager home is discovered, but abandoned due to Borg activity. Meanwhile, in the future, Admiral Janeway decides to travel back in time to get Vo

    Great finale to a great series. The writers toyed with the idea of not getting Voyager home in the finale, but I don't think that that would have been very satisfying. That being said, after seven years of anticipation, how do you not make it obvious that they get home in the end? That's why this was a perfect ending. We get to see Voyager's crew, or what's left of it, in the future, having gotten home years after the end of the series. Then, through a brilliant plot twist, history is changed to get Voyager home sooner.
  • The episodes you've been waiting for...

    Endgame is the culmination of a 7-year voyage through the Delta Quadrant. Only it was much longer. 23 years to be exact, and the crew took many losses in that time. Chief among them, Seven of Nine, and Tuvok's debilitating condition. In an effort to hopefully save them and the rest of her crew, a battle-weary Admiral Janeway takes on one last mission: to travel through time and take Voyager home early.

    This is a great beginning to Voyager's last mission. From temporal paradoxes and two Janeways to Alice Krige, the woman responsible for making the Borg Queen the icon she is, returning to the role.
  • Action busting exictment the whole way

    I personally think this first of the double end fiasco is great. On the one hand you have some really cool things reavled like being able to see what B'lana and Tom's daughter will look like when she grows up and then you also have all this unknown suspense on what exactly future Jane way is up to. Love it to piece's