Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 26

Endgame (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 23, 2001 on UPN

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  • Love the show so much but...

    This last episode was not finished. I really like when the borg or there is time travel involved but the end was rushed. There just home and no party and no nothing. It was too fast. That said I still love the series. I would have had just a little more and than it would have been perfect. 6.5 for the episode and for the show 9.8.
  • Simple Minded Humanoids!!!!!!

    The only thing i have to say is to the morons that do not comprehend temporal mechanics and even without star trek it would be true as well and that is, if Admiral Janeway came back from the future and helped get herself and her crew home earlier then the armor technology and even the infection that brought down the queen herself (the entire assimilation of Admiral Janeway) would have never happened because by changing the past it changes the future so Janeway would have never come back in time to get her people home early because she already did and i know its hard for you simple minded people to understand cuz then if she never came back in time she never would have gotten her crew home earlier well no its BECAUSE she came back in time and got her crew home early that she wont need to come back in time and do it because changing the past changes the future but it also changes the past that changed that future that in turn changed the past and im sure i lost most of you way back at temporal mechanics but maybe some day you will understand...... Live Long and Prosper.
  • EndGame was a great ending

    Fans are so rarely given a great ending like that. The only criticism I have of it is the Borg queen ending. Whether you look at her death or the assimilation of the futuristic defense capability that they gained it contradicts Star Treks NG ending of the Borg. Even if she is not dead, they gained tech that they did not have in the movie. One can only assume that the tech gained was also bugged and possibly auto deleted where it would not affect the movie. In any case everything else fit. I disagree with A Moral Disaster review because it was explained that the deaths of her crew wore Janeway down. It made perfect sense.

    Considering the Star Treks management getting away from Gene's vision and eventually turning Star trek into a dark and depressing movie, for them to honor the trek universe and its fans back then is admirable.

    I turned away from Star Trek due to ST management arguing with the fans at the conventions claiming that ST was only fantasy and they did not have to adhere to charactor and universe developments put in place. They could do what they want and we see that with the new movies now. They are doing what they want with no regards to the fans that brought them back from cancellation and to Gene's vision of the universe. Well, we can only hope they get back on track.

    As for this finale, it is great to see the dedicated work they did on this last episode.
  • A moral disaster

    First of all I have to admit that it's an ambitious and different approach to ending a series with a dramatic finale involving the ultimate nemesis borg queen. I love to see Barclay again and the fighing scenes are impressive. It would definitely be one of the best episodes of star trek voyager if there wasn't this extremely illogical and untypical error the whole episode is build upon: How for heaven's sake could Admiral Janeway want to change history? Didn't she learn ANYTHING about what could happen then? Didn't she always fight people who want to change history in their favor, like for example the Krenim Annorax from the "Year of Hell" - Episode?

    I'm worried about that and I don't find an explanation. You could say she's old and out of her mind because of the loss of Chakotay, but why would the others like Barclay and Kim help her?!

    With that alteration of history the Borg get advanced technology way before they should see it, the Voyager is being kept from helping who knows how many people (on their way home to the Alpha Quadrant) and the timeline is being changed significantly. Who knows what other effects could emerge from that?

    Star Trek always wanted to give a good example of how to behave and what is good or bad, but this series finale is a moral and ethical disaster. It implies that it surely is ok to alter history if you change it for a better future for you and your friends, a fact also this series has fought against several times.

    And it's not that in the future of Admiral Janeway everything's destroyed and the Borg have taken over, you might sympathise with her approach then - it's just that "some people" died. I just can't understand that storywriting and I'm very disappointed from such an ending to a very good series.
  • Endgame (2)


    Endgame (2) was a perfect episode, season and series finale of Star Trek: Voyager. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Admiral Janeway continues to try to convince Captain Janeway to go along with her plan to get Voyager home. The crew comes up with a plan to deal a major amount of damage to the Borg. It was great to see Katie playing both Janeways and I also enjoyed seeing the Borg Queen again. The story was well paced, full of awesome space scenes and action, along with character and plot development. This was a great wrap up to the series with a great ending. This series was awesome and was very entertaining!!!!!!!!!

  • What the ....

    Okay the episode where admiral janeway goes back to help voyager home was a little bit disappointing. It felt so abrupt. So admiral janeway from the future has come home but lost seven and chakotay ,tuvok has a brain disease and has gone mad. so she decides to use a shutlle and travel back in time to the point we're voyager reaches the borg transwarp conduite. She takes over and finally gets home..... but when they're finally back it's over? not even a party? we're home, roll credits. A dissapointing ending and what about the technology from the future like transfasic torpedoes and the armor shielding? that would have been an interesting follow up storyline since janeway broke the time continuum. what about the people from the 29 th century why did'nt they step in? so many unsolved questions.
  • The series finale. High praises to UPN, Paramount, and the Star Trek producers for resolving the series. You either like it you hate it. I liked it.

    The series finale.

    High praises to UPN, Paramount, and the Star Trek producers for resolving the series.

    You either like it you hate it.

    I liked it.

    The story begins with a "flashback" to 10 years ago when Voyager arrived on Earth from the Delta Quadrant. They were gone for 23 years. Which means we are missing 16 years of adventure and 10 years of their lives back on Earth.

    The Voyager crew has a reunion. They are older, fatter, grayer, and/or balder. Reference is made to Torres and Paris' daughter. Chakotay has died. Tuvok is crazy. Seven of Nine seems to be a sore spot. Janeway is now an admiral.

    We flashback to our own Voyager time. They discover a nebula which seems to have worm holes that might lead back to Earth. However, there is a large Borg presence so Janeway orders them back on a regular course to the Alpha Quadrant. At this point, a relationship between Seven of Nine and Chakotay seems to be progressing. Also, Tuvok is developing a mental illness. In the "future," Admiral Janeway wants to change the past and get her crew home faster than in her own history. She "steals" a device that allows here to travel back in time and to the Delta Quadrant, ultimately to our own Voyager time.

    Admiral Janeway arrives in her own past. The nebula does posses Borg conduits throughout the entire galaxy. Admiral Janeway wants to use them to get Voyager home earlier and provides advanced "anti-Borg" technology to make that happen. Captain Janeway wants to be cautious and wants to destroy the Borg conduits. Eventually, the two figure out how to make both events occur. And, that will include Admiral Janeway being assimilating by the Borg Queen, along the seeds of the Queen's destruction. Or course the trans-galactic array is destroyed and Voyager makes it home.

    Some may disagree with how Voyager's return home was handled. Personally, I feel the writers and producers have created a plausible episode which is consistent with the series' format and our 7 year understanding of the Voyager characters. In short, everything blends well.

    In the series, Janeway had always regretted her decision to destroy the array that could have swept them back to the Alpha Quadrant. Many times, she'd offered to sacrifice herself to get her crew home. In this episode, she did exactly that.

    For those of us who invested 7 years in the Voyager journey, we get to see them get home and in manner consistent with all of their characterizations and with due respect to their 7 year endeavor. After all, Admiral Janeway could have gone back in time and saved the array so the whole 7 years would never have happened. We all would have felt cheated if they did that. So, I'm happy with the ending. There could always be a movie where someone travels through time and changes this Janeway's modified timeline and puts Voyager out there for another couple of years. Till that happens, I'm glad they got home.
  • That's it, most of Voyager watched in order from the pilot. Phew, what a journey!

    It took a month and I left out quite a few of the real stinkers (like Tsunkatse) but I've watched them in order and it was better than I remember....But first Endgame.

    It's quite sad that Endgame highlites both the good and the bad of Voyager. Good: Some excellent acting (even Mulgrew), I thought Jeri Ryan gave her best performance in this episode; entertaining script; nice special effects but......Bad: I've got a firework here do you think Janeway could destroy a Borg cube with it? Just re-watch Q Who, that's the REAL Borg; Chakotay and Seven, where did that come from! Nice idea but it should have been started at least mid-season, not thrown in at the end; Tecnobabble; The alternate time-line doesn't feel right; And the biggest gripe, the ending. What happened AFTER they got home, that's what we want to know.

    Voyager The Series.

    Some great highs: Before and after; Time and again: Tuvix; Year of hell; Lineage and my favourite Timeless. Some dire lows: most of seasons 5 and 6 and too many more too mention (ok, I will, all those Q ones. Yuk!).
    If you watch Caretaker again I think you'll be suprised at how good it started out. It peaked around the end of season 3 and then was mostly downhill. For all it's faults and there were many, Voyager could still produce some brilliant stories, some memorable characters and leave you feeling the future's not so bad after all.
  • 8.5
    Good but could have been better. Temporal episodes became somewhat of a crutch in Voyager and too many post-TOS series. Though the metamorphosis of an old Jameway was a nice touch, timeline be damned was her motto! The Chakotay/Seven storyline did seem rushed (afterall everyone but him (and Janeway) 'got some', and when he finally did, boy did he hit a homerun!! lol!!). I would have preferred that they got home about 3/4 of the way through and then the last 1/4 would have been the fallout. ie what do the Maquis crew members do: join starfleet or go their own way? What does Seven do? Does Janeway hang up the Capt chair and take a promotion immediatley as intimated in Nemesis, leaving Chakotay as Capt of Voyager? What happens to the Doctor with his holo-emitter. As a tangent they could have gone off and written stories like the "Measure of a Man" hitting on ethical issues: creating holograms with emitters to do the dirty work etc...
    part of me says yes, good that they got home, another part says they should have left things en route.
  • Good finale.

    I was really pleased with the very final episode of Star Trek Voyager. I must say that it was entertaining and brought a decent sense of closure to the entire series. The storylines were good, the acting was decent, and the plots were okay in this episode. I have to say the writing was good and it was much better than other episodes. My favorite part of the episode was when Voyager was greeted by the other ships when it reached the Alpha Quadrant. I thought that it was very fitting and was a nice touch by the writers. Overall, a great episode. Thank you.
  • A disappointing series finale

    A disappointing end to an otherwise fantastic series. It seemed as if the writers weren't sure what to do to end it all. It was almost satisfying, seeing the crew integrated into their new lives back on Earth, but then that was scrapped as alternate reality. Then, we never get to see how they are actually received when they come home. It was upsetting after so much of the drama on the show revolved around various crewmembers being unsure about their homecoming. Also, I felt the Seven/Chakotay romance that was introduced very close to the end of the series was another odd plot point the writers decided to throw in. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Not the ending I was hoping for.
  • to make a back handed compliment, a fitting end to the series

    Many of the problems appearant in this episode, and in this series, were carried over to the newer show Enterprise. The last show had everything Voyager was known for, great special effects and action sequences, and lousy character developement.

    TNG finale is the gold standard for finales. There was no emotional impact in Voyager coming home, and no coda as to what happened to the characters. Paris' issues with his father were unresolved, as well as the Maquis storyline. The time travel angle was done to death in this series, and it was another "reset button" device used way too much in the series, so it is fitting they had the ultimate reset button episode to end the series.

    The Seven/Chakotay relationship came out of nowhere and was inconsistent with the characters. They set up a doctor/seven romance for years and went back on that in the end. Other than the doctor, none of the characters really grew from what they were when the series started.

    Inconclusion, it wasn't as horrible as the "Enterprise" ending, but it wasn't very memorialble either.
  • Totally cliché and utterly contrived Star Trek episode

    This episode could have been written by a monkey at a typewriter. It is full of endless Star Trek clichés: time travel, the Borg, Mister Barclay, etc. Frankly I'm surprised Q didn't pay them a visit this episode.

    The parts that irritated me the most are all of Seven of Nine's scenes where she has that idiotic grin on her face the whole time even though she never smiled in all of the last four seasons. All of a sudden, Commander Chakotay is madly in love with her even though he acted like he had a stick up his butt the past seven years.

    The ending is where the episode went completely down the crapper. We're told that although dozens of starships couldn't stop a single Borg cube at Wolf 359, Captain Janeway can fly her ship into a whole fleet of cubes and somehow come out unscathed. Once again, we're perpetuating this utter nonsense seen in movies such as Independence Day where all it takes to defeat the most powerful enemy in the galaxy is to infect a single vessel with the Jolly Roger virus which will blow up their entire fleet of ships. Also, why wasn't Susanna Thompson who played the Borg queen for the past four years chosen for the role in this episode? Was it because Alice Kriege made the role famous, but wasn't willing to revisit the part for any episode but the all-important one?
  • the USS Voyager finally got back home after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant through the help of Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

    this episode ended too fast... i think they could have extended the show a bit longer... like showing what have happened when they got back to earth rather than just seeing the ship with a bunch of Federation fleets at their back escorting them and the screen finally goes off for the credits and acknowledgements...

    it also made unclear to me if the Admiral died when the 'Borg Nebula' was destroyed

    this episode made me very sad too because this series is the only Star Trek series that realy caught my attention and i've had watched all of its episodes from the beggining. it made me cry when Cptn. Kathryn Janeway said her last line, "Set a course......for home..."
  • Voyager finally gets back home!

    There have already been plenty of summaries of the plot of this episode, so I won't repeat what everyone else has already written. What I did want to add was my appreciation for this episode not just as a series finale, but for all the small details.

    Everyone in the crew was involved. Even Neelix got a chance to shine. I liked how it played both to the stereotypes of each character, but also showed how each had grown from their beginnings, for those of us who've followed the show from the start. The writing was exemplary as well, with many excellent lines, but what really surprised me was the music.

    I very rarely pick up on the music in television series, unlike in movies. However, I found myself touched by the music used in this episode. It was as if the composer felt the same emotions as the crew and the viewers.

    The only thing that's disappointing to me was the ending that didn't tie up enough loose ends about what happens to the crew in this "new" universe. Not a big deal, but it felt a bit rushed just at the very end.

    All in all, a fine ending showcasing the best of Voyager. Welcome home!
  • Very disappointing, both the two Endgame episodes feels like it happened in one of those alternate universes: meaning none of the events that have occurred really happened. Should have been a filler episode and not the ending.

    We all would like to have seen more about the emotional impact and effect on Voyagers crew when they finally got back home. How would they proceed from here and how could it possibly impact their lives in the future?

    Instead the writers of the episode decide to break every rule in the book by violating the temporal prime directive. Where is the "Timeship Relativity" now all of the sudden to fix the damage? Janeway from the future caused a major temporal incursion and it is simply ignored because the Federation are dealing a crippling blow to the Borg?

    This ending is utter and complete nonsense - the writers was either lazy or completely inept to write a ending that focused on that essential character development.
  • They fight one last time to get home.

    NO! what a bad ending. The last program of the series was a great dissapointment for me. it would have been perfect though if not for the end.

    We have lived with the show for many years. the red thread have been the crews (and ours) fight TO GET HOME. And when they finally arrive home, they cut to credits!

    What happpended next? were they greeted as heroes? how was the meeting with their relatives? Janeways husband? what will the doctor do? what about seven? and paris with family. so many questions! they saw earth, looked at it, and then THE END... i hope they will someday create a new series situated in the future who will answer some of my questions.
  • Conclusion. Admiral Janeway tells Captain Janeway she has come to take Voyager home. The Admiral beams aboard Voyager. She informs the Captain. Voyager will eventually make it home, but it will 16 more years.

    Conclusion. Admiral Janeway tells Captain Janeway she has come to take Voyager home. The Admiral beams aboard Voyager. She informs the Captain. Voyager will eventually make it home, but it will 16 more years. Captain asks the Admiral why she polluted the time line. The Admiral says to trust her. She lets Captain Janeway know she will lose some of her friends along the way. The Doctor confirms the Admiral is actually Janeway only 16 years older. In the nebula Voyager passed a few days ago is a transwarp hub. Captain Janeway is stubborn. Will the crew make it home? I rate this episode a 10.0
  • great series finale

    The season finale of Voyager is undoubtably one of the best episodes. Even as frustrating as Janeway and Chakotay not ending up together, it was still a great episode. Janeway's plan for getting rid of the borg by sacrifycing herself to spread the virus to the borg and basically destroying them. Even with the sorrowful ending, all the prophesized deaths that she saved, made her actions worth it. Going out in true star trek fashion: sacrifycing herself for others, Janeway led one of the best star trek season finales, that is one of the series' best episodes. This episode is definitley worth watching.
  • Nice Ending but....

    It lacked closure like the other series gave us. Deep Space Nine had it's fantastic battles in the first half of the 2 hour finale and in the second hour we got closure on each character's future. In Voyager, they get home with 1 minute left and the show ends. Yes it was a great episode but I wish it had one more hour to show the homecoming, the promotions and the future lives of the crew. Did Tuvok find a cure? Did the Doctor get rights as an individual? Did Seven and Chakotah continue their relationship? How is Janeway's doggies? Did Harry's mommy keep his bedroom exactly as he left it? And did she change his diaper when he got home? It was just a letdown that it ended with no closure, otherwise it was a great series finale.
  • This was the best Voyager episode. It was a strong ending.

    It's funny. Voyager was my least favorite Trek series. It had some very good episodes but quite a few stimkers. But the wacky thing for me is that out of all Trek series, Voyager had the best series finale bar none. I must admit that when it was over I sad because there weren't going to be anymore. TOS, TNG, DS9 and Enterprise had series finales that were weak, especially TNG, but I liked them all better as series tv shows than Voyager. The fact that Voyager finished with such a strong and gripping story does a lot for how we remember the series as years go by. I must admit that the last 3 years of Voyager I must have missed half of the episodes because I felt the writing was getting bad. I was actually looking forward to Voyager's ending and was about to label it a waste of Trek. Then this episode aired and I must say that I now look at Voyager fondly. TNG's finale was so mixed up that it diminished my view of the series. Thank goodness for the movies. DS9's finale could have been better but it wasn't bad. Enterprise killed off Trip Tucker in the series finale and I'm afraid that upset a lot of fans. It wasn't even a good season finale let alone series finale. It just goes to show that the old saying still holds true:

    "Always leave 'em wanting more." Amen to that.
  • This episode was the best!!!

    This is my favorite Star Trek episode, including each and every one of the series! Admiral Janeway travels back in time using a device stolen from a Klingon. Admiral Janeway docks with Voyager from the past, who have just cruised by a nebula with hundreds of signatures that could be wormholes. Admiral Janeway says that they are right, and they are wormholes. Unfortunately, Voyager had travelled into the nebula and found it infested with Borg. Admiral Janeway says there is a wormhole inside the nebula there is a wormhole that leads into the Alpha Quadrant. They harness technology from the future and enter the nebula.
  • This great tv show ends in a bang.

    This is the conclusion of a 2 part episode finale. The crew of the Voyager finally finds a way home, not before they have a confrontation with the dreaded borg. Things don't go as smoothly as planned, but they manage to get the job down. The writers did a good job with this episode, they made with the complete star trek fashion. It's an adventurous action packed finale to a very cool sci fi series. The space sequences were made really well, they move you, and they engage you with the exciting storyline. It's a really cool episode, I saw it three times before I was satisfied with it.
  • Admiral Janeway from the future travels back in time to tell her past self about a way to get them home early to avoid casualties. Meanwhile the borg queen is watching Voyagers progress because the way to earth is in her nebula.

    The end of Voyager :'(

    Voyager defenitly isn't one of the best series around, but it certainly is entertainable. That's why I watch it.

    Well they go down with a blast, Endgame is in my opinion an episode that can be put on the top list together with other voyager episodes like Year of Hell.
    Part I was really nice when we saw a different timeline.
    And how could we have a finale if we don't see the borg?
    The only thing that dissapoints me is that we don't see what will happen to the crew after they get home.
    But you can't have everything :P
    If you liked Voyager you will certainly like Endgame parts I and II.
  • Absolutely the worst episode of the series. I enjoyed Voyager for 7 years and found this episode to be completely lacking in what made voyager such a great series

    Absolutely the worst episode of the series. I enjoyed Voyager for 7 years and found this episode to be completely lacking in what made voyager such a great series. the plot involving the borg was a decent idea but the future Janeway idea was a joke. the fact that she returned to the time when she did made no sence. the story just seemed like the idea was thought of very quickly and the show was made. I think it also didnt honor the Star Trek philosophy, which is that the stories need to focus on charactor. there was no charactor in this episode at all. it pales in comparison to the final episode of TNG. I would have much rather seen a episode where they dont make it back to Earth and the series ends with us wondering about their future adventures and wondering if they ever make it. Perhaps even moving into the Movie area where they are still in the delta quadrent. the movies could be so original like the original cast movies. i could go on and on but i wont. I dont like this episode at all but i will give it a 5 just because its STAR TREK.
  • loved the last episode of voyager

    I just have to say i really loved End Game both episodes were really out there and great and i have to say what an ending to one of the best star trek shows out there. I loved the part where admirel janeway destroys most of the borg out there to make the univurce a safer place to live in. As for the future part of the show i liked seeing abit of the future and hope one day they will make another star trek series maybe not this year but hopefully in a few years to come since im a big star trek fan.
  • Did anyone else notice how the Borg Queen was lying when she was dying? In one scene, she's lying on her stomach, and in the next, she's on her side...

    I actually liked this episode, though there were still many wholes in it... most of which were answered, I guess, in the the books that followed...

    And while the Chakotay/Seven pairing is an interesting concept, it's not my favorite pairing. Chakotay would have had to go on with his personal life, though, since Janeway out right refused to give in to what she was feeling (in my eyes, anyway).

    We saw Icheb in the two part series finale, but we didn't see Naomi. Why? It would have been nice to see both her and Icheb's reaction to Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant (again, the books following the show helped with this, but viewing it on the show would have been nice!)

    Actually, it would have been nice to see the crew reunite with their families... but that's just my opinion.
  • Nice Ending, Many Gaps

    I liked this episode, nice ending to the series, however there were many gaps out there that needed to be filled. I feel that the final few episodes could have answered more questions. When Voyager returned to Earth that was it. I have no idea how Seven fit in on Earth after the returned, or how Starfleet dealt with the Maqis members such as Chakotay or B\\\'lenna. I did like the idea of hiding inside the Borg Spehere and destroying it in order to escape. Since Star Trek has always had a thing for time travel, I particulary liked the idea of the future Janeway returning to influence the current Janeway to take the right way out.
  • Not as awesome as the first part yet very very good. SPOILERS ABOUT BOTH PARTS

    I liked the first part of this episode much more than this second part. Yet just the fact that voyager is able to destroy Borg cubes and spheres with a couple of shots makes this episode exciting for a startrek fan like me. I also liked a lot the mind games between the Borg queen and Admiral Janeway that ultimately ends with the obliteration of the Borg (or, that's what they want us to believe). The best thing about the whole Voyager finale is that the authors managed to end the series, and I mean end the whole storyline and plot without leaving anything behind and yet leave so many possibilities for a future story/movie open. Great job, goodbye Voyager
  • Wonderful

    Before I watched this episode, I had read many reviews across the web about how abysmal and boring this finale was. People said it was ridiculous, and that Voyager as a whole ended terribly.

    Wow...were they wrong.

    Out of all the Star Trek finales, this one is high on my list. Why? Because it combined action, romance, and even tears as the crew finally reached home after so many years. The Borg were, again, a very welcome sight indeed. And the armor/weapon technology brought from the future was a wonderful idea and added to the "coolness" factor of the episode. The acting was superb as usual, and it was nice to see the actors really dive into their characters one last time for an explosion of quality entertainment. And out of all the scenes in all the episodes in all the series of Star Trek, the shot of Voyager being escorted home after being lost for so long was the most awaited even brought a tear to my eye.

    Forget what they say about the other finales being better, because Endgame blows the pants off all of them.

    We'll miss you, Voyager...
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