Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 26

Endgame (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 23, 2001 on UPN

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  • The series finale. High praises to UPN, Paramount, and the Star Trek producers for resolving the series. You either like it you hate it. I liked it.

    The series finale.

    High praises to UPN, Paramount, and the Star Trek producers for resolving the series.

    You either like it you hate it.

    I liked it.

    The story begins with a "flashback" to 10 years ago when Voyager arrived on Earth from the Delta Quadrant. They were gone for 23 years. Which means we are missing 16 years of adventure and 10 years of their lives back on Earth.

    The Voyager crew has a reunion. They are older, fatter, grayer, and/or balder. Reference is made to Torres and Paris' daughter. Chakotay has died. Tuvok is crazy. Seven of Nine seems to be a sore spot. Janeway is now an admiral.

    We flashback to our own Voyager time. They discover a nebula which seems to have worm holes that might lead back to Earth. However, there is a large Borg presence so Janeway orders them back on a regular course to the Alpha Quadrant. At this point, a relationship between Seven of Nine and Chakotay seems to be progressing. Also, Tuvok is developing a mental illness. In the "future," Admiral Janeway wants to change the past and get her crew home faster than in her own history. She "steals" a device that allows here to travel back in time and to the Delta Quadrant, ultimately to our own Voyager time.

    Admiral Janeway arrives in her own past. The nebula does posses Borg conduits throughout the entire galaxy. Admiral Janeway wants to use them to get Voyager home earlier and provides advanced "anti-Borg" technology to make that happen. Captain Janeway wants to be cautious and wants to destroy the Borg conduits. Eventually, the two figure out how to make both events occur. And, that will include Admiral Janeway being assimilating by the Borg Queen, along the seeds of the Queen's destruction. Or course the trans-galactic array is destroyed and Voyager makes it home.

    Some may disagree with how Voyager's return home was handled. Personally, I feel the writers and producers have created a plausible episode which is consistent with the series' format and our 7 year understanding of the Voyager characters. In short, everything blends well.

    In the series, Janeway had always regretted her decision to destroy the array that could have swept them back to the Alpha Quadrant. Many times, she'd offered to sacrifice herself to get her crew home. In this episode, she did exactly that.

    For those of us who invested 7 years in the Voyager journey, we get to see them get home and in manner consistent with all of their characterizations and with due respect to their 7 year endeavor. After all, Admiral Janeway could have gone back in time and saved the array so the whole 7 years would never have happened. We all would have felt cheated if they did that. So, I'm happy with the ending. There could always be a movie where someone travels through time and changes this Janeway's modified timeline and puts Voyager out there for another couple of years. Till that happens, I'm glad they got home.