Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 Episode 26

Equinox (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 26, 1999 on UPN

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  • Equinox (1)


    Equinox (1) was a perfect episode and season 5 finale of Star Trek: Voyager. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was very well written, the acting was superb, and the special effects were awesome. There was action, drama, intrigue as well as character and plot development. The aliens being killed by the Equinox crew were interesting. It was awesome to see the difference between the two Captains and how they run their ships. This was definitely one of the most entertaining episodes of the series so far. I look forward to watching the next season of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice twist, excellent cliffhanger

    Although meeting new species is great, it was nice to meet new Starfleet personnel and see a new ship. It immediately raised a lot of intriguing questions and gave a great view of how things COULD have gone on Voyager. It was nice to see them show us a starfleet crew that wasn't all perfect and that no amount of training can suppress the animal instinct to survive.
    There seemed to be conflicting information regarding the efficiency of the modified warp drive, so a certain amount of "just go with it" attitude had to be adopted. Despite this minor flaw, the episode never gets old to watch and ends at a perfectly exciting point.
  • How come the Voyager end of season two parters never really work? This episode was heavily flawed.

    First, what starfleet crew would do this and be complicit in this hienous crime? Yet it seems the entire crew participated without anyone refusing. Being starfleet somebody would have refused, would the character of the captain as he is shown here have thrown one of them out a airlock?

    To murder beings one after another just to get home faster? No starfleet crew would have done it. It goes against the Star Trek universe. It makes no sense.

    Second, when did Janeway suddenly turn into Kahn? Again, how Janeway behaved went against her established character. Kate should have read this script and demanded they change it and make it more plausable. It's the actors duty to protect the consistancy of the character they are protraying. For Janeway to behave in this manner would have required more motivation, and even then I doubt she would have.

    Third, how could a crewman remain loyal to his captain even unto death when he has already sacraficed his integrity? This was a flawed and shallow script, put Illogically together for an end season show in the hopes of getting renewed or to keep people watching. Too bad they felt they had to sacrifice the integrity of all they had built up beforehand.
  • Morally questionable.

    Supposedly, this was a pivotal episode in the Trek canon. The question of Janeway's survival was deliberately left open in case Kate Mulgrew decided to opt out of her contract after season five. Captain Ransom was a possible replacement. This would have been ludicrous, of course. The act of redemption that would have been required in order for Ransom to gain the trust and loyalty of the Voyager crew could never be made. The redemptive actions that were taken at the conclusion of this two part episode were, in fact, insufficient. No act would balance this moral equation. Mass murder for personal gain is too large an evil to be offset by persomal sacrifice. To imagine that a Star Fleet crew could, in panic or desperation, take such heinous action once may possible. But to continue such behavior for any extended period of time is outrageous. Out of character for a Starship crew. Captain Janeway, on the other hand, behaves in the autocratic way that has distinguished her from most of the Star Trek captains we have seen. Her reaction to Ransom's betrayal, both of her and Star Fleet, is not that improbable. All of the Star Trek captains have used questionable judgements in dealing with such(Sisko released biogenic weapons to capture a former friend). Still, better than 90% of all sci-fi shows.
  • Voyager receives a distress call from a Federation ship. It is the Equinox, a vessel made for planetary research. What is it doing in the Delta Quadrant? Voyager reaches the Equinox. Captain Ransom asks Voyager to extend their shields around the Equinox.

    Voyager receives a distress call from a Federation ship. It is the Equinox, a vessel made for planetary research. What is it doing in the Delta Quadrant? Voyager reaches the Equinox. Captain Ransom asks Voyager to extend their shields around the Equinox. It is being attacked by aliens. Janeway sends an Away team to rescue the crew of the Equinox. Some of the crew is dead, while some are badly injured. The injured are beamed directly to sickbay on Voyager. The Doctor is able to save them. The Caretaker is the reason the Equinox is in the Delta Quadrant. I rate this episode a 9.7
  • What would you do to survive?

    If killing living beings got you to where you needed to go a little faster, would you do it? Now, as a Starfleet officer, would you cross that line? In this episode Voyager encounters another Federation ship that is lost in the Delta Quadrant. The Equinox has about 10 or so crew members that are battered and starving. What Captain Janeway doesn't know is that her counterpart Captain Ransom and his crew found a species whose remains make a powerful energy source that improves engine efficiency. In a nutshell, killing these creatures makes their ship go faster than it normally would. When Janeway finds out, she is hell-bent on bringing Captain Ransom to justice. She makes some questionable calls including threatening and endangering the life of one of Ransom's officers just to get information. She relieves Commander Chakotay of duty for challenging her choices. But in the end, like all good Starfleet Captains, Ransom and Janeway come to their sense. Ransom surrenders his ship, and Janeway gives him one more chance. Even though he dies in the end, Ransom was a good addition to the Star Trek history books.
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