Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 8

Ex Post Facto

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1995 on UPN
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Stardate: Unknown
Tom Paris is accused of a murder he claims he did not commit. His sentence is to re-live the last few moments of his victim's life every 14 hours through a memory transplant.

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  • A Matter of Facto

    This is basically a redo of TNG's third season murder-mystery, "A Matter of Perspective", but whereas that one is "Ras***n", using the different characters to give different accounts of the same acts, this one is "Citizen Kane", using the different characters to fill in the different parts of the story.

    Paris serves as the focal point, but "Facto" really becomes a Tuvok episode once it gets going, with the Vulcan at the center of the film noir-like narrative, using his logic to get to the bottom of things. Unfortunately, a story with a smoking housewife and her dog does little to take advantage of VOY's far-out premise, and with all the "film noir" elements, the unusual punishment for Paris (an interesting sci fi idea and the catalyst for the episode) gets lost in the shuffle.

    There is a funny bit where the Doctor considers taking the name of a famous doctor as an homage and mentions several possibilities, such as Galen, Salk, and Spock! (Benjamin Spock was a pediatrician who wrote the bestselling book, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, in 1946). And it's interesting to see Star Trek, within the sci fi device, use black and white footage for the first time. But while director LeVar Burton does an admirable job, somehow turning the limited story into a watchable episode, there's no getting around the lack of originality and spark in the premise and teleplay.

  • derivative

    new setting, trite old story

    unoriginal, we've seen this story before, it's not one I care to see in the Trek universe

    I enjoy Tom Paris, I mean I have pulse, the man is sexay with his bad boy persona, but this isn't steamy or clever enough to satisfy fans of either Noir Romance novels or Star Trek whodoneits
  • Ex Post Facto

    Ex Post Facto was a good episode of Star Trek Voyager and I enjoyed watching this episode, though I feel it wasn't as great as the rest so far. It was interesting to learn about another alien species who claimed that Lt. Paris murdered one of their own. There was lots of intrigue and speculation. I enjoyed the mystery and watching Lt. Commander Tuvok solve the mystery and employing the mind meld. The episode ended nicely and was definitely a minor distraction from the over all story line of Star Trek Voyager. I look forward to watching the next episode and seeing what will happen next!!!!moreless
  • Sherlock 'Tuvok' Holmes comes to the rescue in drawn out but an interesting episode.

    Star Trek fans are no strangers to criminal investigators in previous series. We have Picard playing Sherlock Holmes in the holosuits and Odo uncovering some mysteries in several episodes of DS9. In Voyager it seems that Tuvok is going to be the detective.

    As Tom is accused and sentenced for murdering a scientist, Tuvok tries to find out what actually happened. The case seems already solved as the victims last few moments have been extracted and reviewed, clearly showing Tom murder the hapless scientist. There are several wonderful ideas here, such as having a murderer punished by reliving his victims last few moments regularly. But the potholes are just as many and the storyline seems to have been molded around that idea, without much else to go on. But the story telling, the memory clip of the murder, the ugly dog and the beautiful woman, all help to make the episode interesting. We also get to see Tuvok for the first time say more than few words instantly branding him, like most Vulcans, a horribly boring person. The arching of the eyebrow serves well here though, allowing us to smile occasionally when this walking boredom is on set.

    The thing that did irritate me about the episode is that even though Tom is supposedly a bit of a player, this was just a bit over the top. He is representing Starfleet on this planet, and starts more or less having an affair with the wife of the guy he is working with. All in about 2 days... Seems a long shot for me, and at no point is he bollocked for it by Kathryn. The series is now in danger of becoming a collection of single episodes which will not serve it well, seeing as on the outset there is a continuous story of a whole crew on their way home. Lets get back to business!moreless
  • Boring but not bad.

    Any time I see Tom Parris as the main story of an episode, it makes me want to change the channel. His character is so generic and boring that he should only be limited to a role player. I thought that this episode was slow and rather pointless, but it had one or two bright spots to make it watchable. I liked the acting in this one. While the story was dull, I thought everyone played their parts well. I also liked the sad parts. The writing was okay, the action was missing, and the storyline was stupid. The acting is what made the show stay above water. Thank you.moreless
Robin McKee

Robin McKee

Lidell Ren

Guest Star

Henry Brown

Henry Brown

Numiri Captain

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Ray Reinhardt

Ray Reinhardt

Tolen Ren

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: Lt. Tuvok mistakenly wears Lt. Commander pips.

    • Goof: The dog, Niko is supposed to be a female, as both Lidell and Tuvok refer to the dog as "she". However, when let into the room to identify the killer, it can be clearly seen that it is a male dog.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Paris: (referring to Lidell) Her eyes were a million kilometers away, staring at stars I'd flown by the day before.

    • Chakotay: Besides, out here in the Delta Quadrant every old trick is new again.

    • Paris: How come I always see you down here eating alone, Lieutenant?
      Tuvok: I prefer to read rather than to engage in, what do humans call it... short-talk.
      Paris: Close enough. You don't make many friends that way.
      Tuvok: Perhaps.
      Paris: Well, like it or not, you've made one today, Mr Tuvok.

    • (about to be boarded by a Numiri patrol)
      Paris: Hey, Tuvok. I know it's a little late to ask, but you're sure you've got the logic of this thing worked out?
      Tuvok: If I am incorrect, we will know it shortly.
      Paris: Oh, that makes me feel a whole lot better.

    • Kim: If it had been me I would've stayed as far away from her as possible.
      Paris: Some day it will be you, Harry. You'll meet her and you'll know it's wrong from the first moment you see her and you'll know there's nothing you can do about it.

    • Lidell: Are you married?
      Tuvok: My wife and I have been married for 67 years.
      Lidell: I am sure she's a fine, dispassionate woman.

    • (Kim gives Paris a look, after meeting Lidell)
      Paris: What are you looking at?
      Kim: Not the same thing you're looking at, that's for sure.

    • Banean Doctor: Let the records show that the sentence of the court has been carried out. For the rest of his natural life, once every 14 hours, Thomas Eugene Paris will relive the last moments of his victim's life. May the fates have mercy on you, sir.

    • Janeway: That's one trick you won't be able to use again when we get back.
      Chakotay: I have more.

    • Paris: Smoking is a bad habit. My species gave it up centuries ago when we finally got it into our heads it was killing us.
      Lidell: You must be a very superior species.
      Paris: That's not what I meant.
      Lidell: Maybe I kill myself slowly because I don't have the courage to do it quickly.

  • NOTES (3)