Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 8

Ex Post Facto

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1995 on UPN

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  • A Matter of Facto

    This is basically a redo of TNG's third season murder-mystery, "A Matter of Perspective", but whereas that one is "Ras***n", using the different characters to give different accounts of the same acts, this one is "Citizen Kane", using the different characters to fill in the different parts of the story.

    Paris serves as the focal point, but "Facto" really becomes a Tuvok episode once it gets going, with the Vulcan at the center of the film noir-like narrative, using his logic to get to the bottom of things. Unfortunately, a story with a smoking housewife and her dog does little to take advantage of VOY's far-out premise, and with all the "film noir" elements, the unusual punishment for Paris (an interesting sci fi idea and the catalyst for the episode) gets lost in the shuffle.

    There is a funny bit where the Doctor considers taking the name of a famous doctor as an homage and mentions several possibilities, such as Galen, Salk, and Spock! (Benjamin Spock was a pediatrician who wrote the bestselling book, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, in 1946). And it's interesting to see Star Trek, within the sci fi device, use black and white footage for the first time. But while director LeVar Burton does an admirable job, somehow turning the limited story into a watchable episode, there's no getting around the lack of originality and spark in the premise and teleplay.

  • derivative

    new setting, trite old story

    unoriginal, we've seen this story before, it's not one I care to see in the Trek universe

    I enjoy Tom Paris, I mean I have pulse, the man is sexay with his bad boy persona, but this isn't steamy or clever enough to satisfy fans of either Noir Romance novels or Star Trek whodoneits
  • Ex Post Facto


    Ex Post Facto was a good episode of Star Trek Voyager and I enjoyed watching this episode, though I feel it wasn't as great as the rest so far. It was interesting to learn about another alien species who claimed that Lt. Paris murdered one of their own. There was lots of intrigue and speculation. I enjoyed the mystery and watching Lt. Commander Tuvok solve the mystery and employing the mind meld. The episode ended nicely and was definitely a minor distraction from the over all story line of Star Trek Voyager. I look forward to watching the next episode and seeing what will happen next!!!!

  • Sherlock 'Tuvok' Holmes comes to the rescue in drawn out but an interesting episode.

    Star Trek fans are no strangers to criminal investigators in previous series. We have Picard playing Sherlock Holmes in the holosuits and Odo uncovering some mysteries in several episodes of DS9. In Voyager it seems that Tuvok is going to be the detective.

    As Tom is accused and sentenced for murdering a scientist, Tuvok tries to find out what actually happened. The case seems already solved as the victims last few moments have been extracted and reviewed, clearly showing Tom murder the hapless scientist. There are several wonderful ideas here, such as having a murderer punished by reliving his victims last few moments regularly. But the potholes are just as many and the storyline seems to have been molded around that idea, without much else to go on. But the story telling, the memory clip of the murder, the ugly dog and the beautiful woman, all help to make the episode interesting. We also get to see Tuvok for the first time say more than few words instantly branding him, like most Vulcans, a horribly boring person. The arching of the eyebrow serves well here though, allowing us to smile occasionally when this walking boredom is on set.

    The thing that did irritate me about the episode is that even though Tom is supposedly a bit of a player, this was just a bit over the top. He is representing Starfleet on this planet, and starts more or less having an affair with the wife of the guy he is working with. All in about 2 days... Seems a long shot for me, and at no point is he bollocked for it by Kathryn. The series is now in danger of becoming a collection of single episodes which will not serve it well, seeing as on the outset there is a continuous story of a whole crew on their way home. Lets get back to business!
  • Boring but not bad.

    Any time I see Tom Parris as the main story of an episode, it makes me want to change the channel. His character is so generic and boring that he should only be limited to a role player. I thought that this episode was slow and rather pointless, but it had one or two bright spots to make it watchable. I liked the acting in this one. While the story was dull, I thought everyone played their parts well. I also liked the sad parts. The writing was okay, the action was missing, and the storyline was stupid. The acting is what made the show stay above water. Thank you.
  • I love Star Trek & Star Trek Voyager and all but I'm ashamed to say this was not my favorite storyline. So the real mystery is Why did Lidell Lie?. And they did not reveal that in this episode from what I watched.

    I think that they should have spent a few weeks trying to redo the whole episode and then it would have been perfect. And why was Lt. Tom Paris framed for that murder?. Their was so many questions that are not answered in this episode and thats the problem with this episode. And when Voyager tracked Lt. Paris down and wanted to take him to their sickbay he said "Alright but your not to leave orbit with him" well the Voyager left orbit with him when they were under attack under by that neighboring species and I did not understand why they did not notice so that was messed up.
  • Paris is accused of murder when his immaturity, is unable to resist the charms of a beautiful woman. He is forced to relive the murder of the husband through the husband's eyes, until Tuvok's mind meld reveals details exonerating him and reveals a spy.

    This episode is similar to Deep Space Nine when Chief O'Brien is implanted with memories of twenty years of confinement under brutal conditons. Only psychological help benefits O'Brien In Star Trek TNG, Riker is accused of murder, but instead of reliving the experience, each party presents his memories and the truth is revealed. Here, only a mind meld allows Tuvok to see the murder and understand how the technology has been manipulated to implant false memories so that the colony's enemies can intercept the planted spy code. Chakotay and Torres use an old Maquis trick to disable the enemy ships trying to kidnap Paris to retrieve the information. Paris os returned to normal before the implanted memories permanently damage his brain. I love a murder mystery, and this one was done better than the other Star Trek franchises.
  • Ensign Kim returns to the “Voyager” aboard a shuttlecraft, without Lt. Paris. It seems Lt Paris is being held on the Banean homeworld for murder.

    Ensign Kim returns to the “Voyager” aboard a shuttlecraft, without Lt. Paris. It seems Lt Paris is being held on the Banean homeworld for murder. Lt Paris has been sentenced to reliving the murder through the victims every 14 minutes for the rest of his life. Captain Janeway is outraged and decides to send the Voyager to the Banean homeworld to prove Lt. Paris’s innocence. Neelix warn Janeway to beware the Numiri will attack the voyager when they arrive at the Banean homeworld. Will Tuvok prove Lt Paris is not guilty of murder? I rate this one a 8.1
  • A very unique episode of Voyager!

    This episode was crazy. Everything was just crazy. Tom Paris is framed for murder and this is a fun who done it episode. I really enjoyed this one because it was very unique. This episode will always stand out for me and the acting was great and Tom really shined in this episode. You should check it out!
  • Tom Paris gets falsely convicted of murder and as punishment, is forced to relive the last moments of his victims life every fourteen hours.

    This episode is well written and cleverly plotted. I nearly cried through Tom's pain each time he had to see the guys death. I was very happy when they were able to prove Tom's innocence. He didn't deserve what happened, especially since he was innocent. The weird thing is that this isn't the only time he's convicted of a murder falsely during the show, "The Chute" even though that was a supposed terrorist attack and not a murder with his bear hands. I was glad when the real culprit was caught. The funny thing is that it was by her own dog.
  • When plotlines get recycled, the end result is rarely a pretty sight.

    When I first watched this episode of Voyager I had a strange sense of Deja Vu. Yes, it was an OK concept with a nice ending, but there was a kind of familiar quality to if. I hadn't seen this episode before, but I could have sworn I had.

    Then, one day, I sat down to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, and saw the episode which this episode of Voyager is derrived from. Episode 3x14, entitled "A Matter of Perspective," in which Commander Riker is accused of murdering a scientist after supposedly trying to woo his wife. Sound familiar?

    In this Voyager episode Lt. Paris is forced to play the events leading up to the alleged murder over and over again. This mirrors the TNG episode, where Riker helps Data reconstruct all the circumstances leading up to the alleged murder.

    I liked this plot when it was originally done in TNG. The writers of Voyager clearly either have amnesia, or are not good at coming up with their own ideas.
  • Paris is convicted of the murder of a scientist and forced to relive the last moments of the victim's life every fourteen hours.

    The series takes a slightly darker turn here. But it is not unwelcome, as it is a nicely crafted murder mystery, with Tuvok as the investigator. The idea that you can extract a memory from a dead person's brain is far beyond today's science, but nevertheless interesting. And for once, Janeway actually shows concern about losing a shuttlecraft and places explosives aboard, the kind of acts of desperation that were abandonned later in the series. This is not a character-driven episode, it's a strictly "CSI"-type episode. Except of course the final scene where Paris touchingly tells Tuvok "like it or not, you've made [a friend] here."