Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 Episode 3

Extreme Risk

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1998 on UPN
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Stardate: Unknown
In order to retrieve a probe stuck in a hazardous atmosphere, Tom Paris designs a new type of shuttlecraft. Meanwhile, Torres begins to exhibit reckless behavior, engaging in dangerous holodeck programs without safety protocols.

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  • Torres, suffering from depression, is using every opportunity to hurt herself in holodeck programs. Tom and the crew are building a Delta Flyer to retrieve a probe, racing the aliens to get there first. Torres finally is able to help and saves the Flyer.moreless

    Torres disengages the safety protocols in the holodeck, and has been doing so for months, in order to be hurt and feel pain, since it is the only thing she can feel since hearing of the destruction of the Maquis. This is the first we have heard of her bizarre behavior which supposedly has been present fpr quite some time. She is suffering from clinical depression and all it takes to cure her is a pep talk from Chakotay. The program does a great disservice to the psychiatric profession and the benefits of counseling. Torres' condition is pronounced and would take weeks, if not months, to alleviate her pain. The only redeeming feature of this episode which keeps it from being abysmal is the crews' hard work in building the Delta Flyer to retrieve a probe before it falls into alien hands. Torres contributes greatly to save the Flyer, but it is unrealistic to believe she just snapped out of a prolonged depression in a few minutes because Chakotay gave her a pep talk.moreless
  • Extreme Risk

    Extreme Risk was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode as Lt. Torres started exhibiting a self destructive attitude along with taking unnecessary risks. There was a lot of character development in this story and it was fun to watch as Voyager and the alien salvage crews were competing in a space race. There were a few laughs, cool space scenes and and over all entertaining story. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!moreless
  • In the midst of a pivotal project to create a new shuttle craft and save one of Voyager's probes, Lt. Torres is caught displaying self-destructive behavior and diagnosed with clinical depression.moreless

    This, like all episodes that center around B'Elanna Torres, is one of my favorites. B'Elanna's character is so diverse, so well developed; she is by far the highlight of Star Trek: Voyager for me. The one especially nice thing about this episode is the fact that B'Elanna's Klingon nature wasn't really at issue here, as it so often is. This episode means a lot to me, having had several family members and close friends with clinical depression, I imagine a lot of people can relate to B'Elanna's desire to "feel something." Also nice is the fact that the episode doesn't end with everything suddenly happy and joyful, B'Elanna herself acknowledges the fact that she's not back to her old self yet. The conversation between B'Elanna and Nelix is one of the highlights of this episode for me, and it brings back memories of "Day of Honor," in which Nelix attempted to reach out to B'Elanna when she was having a rotten day. B'Elanna's interaction with the other characters, especially Chakotay, is also nice. I would have liked to see a little more interaction between her and Tom towards the end, since I personally believe that the actors work very well together and don't get enough screen time opposite each other.moreless
  • A Malon ship tries to capture on of Voyager’s probes. Janeway is not going to allow that. Janeway sends the probe into a gas giant. Now no one can get the probe. Paris has an idea, he wants to create a new shuttlecraft he calls the delta flyer.moreless

    A Malon ship tries to capture on of Voyager’s probes. Janeway is not going to allow that. Janeway sends the probe into a gas giant. Now no one can get the probe. Paris has an idea, he wants to create a new shuttlecraft he calls the delta flyer. The malon are also creating a new shuttlecraft. This looks like the old 60’s space race. Who is going to get the probe? Meanwhile, Torres is beginning to show signs of depression. She seems to have a death wish. Chakotay informs her he too has suffered the loss of the marquis.moreless
  • Simple plot and excellent character development in a fast-paced, straightforward episode: what more could you ask for?


    *** B'Elanna had been a little under developed since season 3-4 and her involvement with Paris. Here, finally, there's something more good about her. More to come in Barge of the Dead later on.

    *** Excellent action, and the Delta Flyer is just cool.

    *** A stupendously simple plot: lost probe, let's recover it. In Janeway's words, "an old-fashioned space race." Simple plots work best, something that ST writers should keep in mind at all times.


    *** The construction of the Delta Flyer is too quick even for this story. Doesn't really make much sense, although it does advance the plot.

    *** Not much involvement from secondary characters, but I guess that's forgivable.

    *** The Malon could have been developed better (but they will be in Juggernaut).moreless
Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

The Doctor

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran

Robert Beltran

Commander Chakotay

Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson

Lt. B'Elanna Torres

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips


Tim Russ

Tim Russ

Lt. Commander Tuvok

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Nitpick: When Chakotay is on the holodeck with Torres, she claims that she was "kicked out of Starfleet." In previous episodes, she said that she made a conscious choice to drop out of the Academy.

    • Trivia: The episode title "Extreme Risk" is based in part on a sequence played out three times throughout the episode. Torres asks the Computer to disengage the safety protocols and it responds by giving her a warning that "disengaging safety protocols presents extreme risk of injury." She then asks it each time to override.

    • Nitpick: When the shuttle is losing structural integrity after retrieving the probe a panel starts showing signs of stress. Under the enormous pressure the newly created bulge would be homogeneous, instead, it can be seen that there's someone behind the panel pushing fingers to create bumps.

    • Nitpick: When Chakotay is in the holodeck with Torres, he instructs the computer to seal the doors. However, when he leaves the holodeck, a few minutes later, he forgets to lift the lock on the door but the door still opens.

    • Nitpick: When Torres tells the computer to disengage safety protocols, the computer warns her about the dangers of this action, even though it has never done so in previous episodes.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Neelix: My security training is going really well. Tuvok told me the other day that I'm 'not completely inept'.

    • Kim: I keep telling you, we've got to reinforce the hull with kellinite. That's all there is to it.
      Tuvok: Proposing the same flawed strategy over and over again will not make it more effective, Ensign.

    • Paris: Behold the Delta Flyer. Ultra-aerodynamic contours, retractable nacelles, parametallic hull plating, unimatrix shielding based on Tuvok's brilliant design for the multispacial probe, and a Borg-inspired weapons system.
      Seven: The basic design elements are adequate.
      Paris: High praise.

    • Paris: Let's face it -- Class Two shuttles just don't cut it in the Delta Quadrant. We've needed something bigger and better since we got here. It's time we built it.

    • B'Elanna: (to Chakotay in holodeck) When I was six, my father walked out on me. When I was 19, I got kicked out of Starfleet. A few years later I got separated from the Maquis. And just when I start to feel safe, you tell me that all our old friends have been slaughtered. The way I figure it, I've lost every family I ever had.

    • Paris: I think we should launch now and hope for the best.
      Tuvok: Lieutenant, that is perhaps the most illogical statement you've ever made.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The skydiving sequence at the beginning of this episode was originally planned for the start of Star Trek: Generations with Kirk skydiving onto a field to meet Scotty and Chekov. The scene appears on the Star Trek: Generations Special Edition DVD.


    • The Skydiving sequence at the begining of the episode is likely the starfleet version of a H.A.L.O. jump. H.A.L.O meaning HIGH ALTITUDE LOW OPENING.